It’s a Great Life Being a Network Marketer

One of the most important things in network marketing is attitude. If you have a positive mindset and complete confidence in your business, your product, and most importantly your opportunity, and your enthusiasm will rub off on others. You will stand out in a crowd and people will be naturally curious about you and how you came to be so successful. They will want to know why you always look so happy. If you have your own successful network marketing business the answer is simple. How many other jobs do you know where you can set your own hours, work from home the majority of the time, take vacations when you please, have money in the bank and spend your time helping others achieve their dreams?

There’s one occasion that most network marketers look forward to and that’s the recruitment meeting. When well-arranged and properly organized these meetings have a party atmosphere. Prospects are often amazed at the electricity in the air at these meetings because everyone there is successful and eager to share the secret to their success with newcomers. For them it’s a great opportunity to meet with other members of their team, listen to representatives of the company and members of their upline. It’s like a big family reunion.

These meetings are not only arranged to introduce prospects to others in the business, they are often occasions where awards are presented and new products launched, so they can be very exciting occasions for everyone concerned.

Make sure that your prospects are greeted and introduced to other members of your team and they will hopefully become a part of your growing family! All your new prospects have gone through the screening process and now it’s time for you and your team to close the deal. It’s time for you and your team to show your new prospects how exciting and rewarding the world of network marketing can be. Help them relax and answer any questions they may have before and after the presentation.

During the presentation they are going to meet skilled and highly successful network marketers who will also convey their love for the business. Most of these presentations are not salesy at all; they are oriented towards how you as a network marketer can help others lead happy and successful lives.

People who love being around other people make the best network marketers and recruitment meetings are a prime example of networking. The air will be abuzz with people getting back in contact with others they know in the business and there are few prospects that will not come away from these meetings without high expectations.

After the presentation you should gather all your new prospects together and take them somewhere for a drink or coffee so they can discuss their concerns further. Let them know that you will always be there for them if they have any problems. You are their mentor and team leader and that’s a responsibility you must take very seriously. When they sign up and start to recruit their own downlines, then hopefully they will pass these good habits onto their own new team members as well.

It’s fun to see people’s faces light up when you tell them how you went from having a boring job you hated (or no job at all) to being an entrepreneur with your own business.  The only difference between you and them is that you took the opportunity and ran with it, now it’s their turn to decide if they want to change their lives for the better.

How many every day jobs do you know where you can arrange your own day, meet hundreds of new people every month and get the occasional party thrown in for free?

As a sponsor do you have any stories you can share about the lives you have changed for the better?

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