Is Off-line Network Marketing Dead?

The trend today is network marketing online, building a website and participating in social media and other methods to get leads. This article comes after seeing an ad online where the daughter has encouraged her parents to join a social networking site. She scoffs that they only have 19 “friends”. She has nearly 400 “friends” but it’s her that’s left sitting at home with a laptop while her parents are out enjoying themselves with real friends.

It’s very easy to become antisocial and insular these days because of the internet and a network marketing business online may have thousands of “fans” but the business owner could pass all of them in the street and not recognize one of them!

Off-line network marketing can still be extremely successful. It’s a perfect income earner for work at home mothers and even people who are looking for work. Most humans are naturally sociable and having children offers many opportunities to network with other stay at home mothers. Promoting a network marketing opportunity off-line can also be a lot more fun than spending hours writing articles, building backlinks or blogging!

Home parties are laughed at these days and looked upon as being “so yesterday” but are they? Of course it depends on the network marketing opportunity you choose to get into, but many of them lend themselves to home parties. Cooking-related network marketing businesses such as Pampered Chef are ideal if you love to cook, and there are dozens of network marketing opportunities that involve cosmetics and jewelry too.

Getting the kids involved in a business is always a good idea – they can see and understand what it takes to organize and run a successful business. Parties can also include them and their friends – something they’ll definitely look forward to. They can even do practical things such as handing out flyers or even offering free samples.

Moms are always in grocery stores, so it’s a perfect place to offer a free sample with a business card – it’s a very easy way to help grow your business and get leads. It doesn’t have to stop at the grocery store either, a sample in a baggie can be handed out just about anywhere, at the bank, the post office, the beauty salon or even to people you meet in restaurants and at kids’ sporting events.

Flyers can be left everywhere – local businesses are usually very willing to help, all your flyer needs to contain is a web address, phone number and a little information. If you’re a student, college campuses offer many ways to network and flyers can be left at the college student center and on campus notice boards.

Craft fairs at local churches can also be a good place to promote a network marketing business and a great place to hand out flyers and free samples. You could even have some nice bookmarks made up with your business name and information – your local library will probably be happy to have a pile by the checkout which people will take as they leave.

Network marketing is all about meeting new people, and if you’re active socially and get around a lot there is no end to the ways you can advertise your business. It just involves thinking outside the box – and in this example the box is a computer.

Once you get used to the art of approaching people to talk about your home business, if you’re able to have a home party to introduce people to your business that’s when the real networking starts. It worked very well in the past especially for Avon and Mary Kay distributors, Tupperware parties were always fun, and most women can’t resist the opportunity to meet others especially if they’re isolated and have small children.

If you are doing well at your network marketing business and enjoying yourself it will be obvious. Others will want a piece of the pie, whether you made that pie in a Pampered Chef pan or you did a killer makeup demonstration that made Mrs. Smith look like a million dollars!

Do you think the off-line marketing is dead or are you taking advantage of the thousands of opportunities there are to promote your network marketing business?

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One Response to Is Off-line Network Marketing Dead?

  1. Nikki says:

    I don’t think offline network marketing is already dead. It still exist but maybe it just has its own market. I would also like to agree that when you’re doing well with your business, others will be interested and eager to join you. I guess people are just so dependent over the internet nowadays that they think offline network marketing no longer works.

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