Is Buying Traffic a Waste of Money?

The aim of driving traffic to your website is primarily to get sales; it’s great to see your visitor stats go up each day but what you really want is qualified traffic that converts. Ten thousand visitors a day will get you moving up in the SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages) but if you don’t make a penny from all that traffic, what’s the point?

Buying unqualified website traffic is a waste of time and money under most circumstances. A huge spike in traffic will send Google’s alarm bells ringing and you could be penalized, not to mention the affect it might have on the servers at your hosting company. If you are using a WordPress site, for heaven’s sake make sure you have a plugin like Akismet that will process the unending pile of spam you will get too.

No, the best way to get increased website traffic is by following all the advice you may have already read, but maybe too lazy to implement. Social media is favorite these days for increasing traffic – it doesn’t happen overnight, but at least your visitors will be more interested in your product if you have joined and participated in appropriate social media groups, such as a Facebook Group.

A quick search on your favorite search engine and you will see there are thousands of sites that offer to send you cheap traffic. Cheap traffic is no better than buying email addresses, it will come to nothing. Sometimes people in third world countries are paid to visit your site, just so your stats will jump, they will stay on the site a few nano-seconds and be gone, and they certainly won’t buy anything.

Once your site is up and running and contains at least a dozen pages of useful and helpful content, then what you need to do is buy advertising – not traffic.

Paying to get visitors is called advertising under normal circumstances and the go-to place for beginners and experienced network and internet marketers alike is Google. There you can find out about Pay Per Click (PPC) or Cost Per Thousand impressions (CPM) advertising. Google AdWords will only charge you for each visitor you actually get, and that visitor will be interested in what you have to offer. It’s up to you to convert your visitors into buyers, either by incorporating an opt in form on your landing page, or by having a shopping cart on your site. It all depends what you are promoting.

You can pay anywhere from a few cents to a few dollars for each visitor you get via AdWords, and you can set your own daily budget. You can target your ads so that you get the kind of highly qualified traffic that turns into sales and helps your business grow.

If you do decide to pay for traffic, there may well be a number of bona fide companies that can send you qualified visitors – I don’t know, I have never used them.

Do thorough research on any company you choose, look at any comments on forums and blogs about the company and check out the Warrior Forum, that’s the best place to get the inside scoop on such things.

Remember, if it sounds too good to be true – it probably is.

Have you ever bought traffic? Had problems or success? Can you recommend this method of increasing your traffic? We would love to hear your comments.

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9 Responses to Is Buying Traffic a Waste of Money?

  1. Tina

    I totally get the eye opener on this post.

  2. Nikki says:

    Bought traffic won’t bring you any good. But paid email list of people who shows interest in your industry might work and give you profit if you know how to promote your business effectively.

  3. Rhyss says:

    Thanks for posting this, Gabrielle. At least from now on, I don’t have to believe in buying traffic.

  4. Ira says:

    Hi Gabriele,

    Excellent point. I don’t agree with buying traffic as well especially if they are not from your target market. Advertising is an old method but still continue to work. To be able to make sales, we cannot simply pay our customers to visit us and buy something from our store.

  5. David Dettmann says:

    such a true post !!!

  6. Tosin says:

    I have always said that I will never pay a dime for traffic if I can not get that traffic to convert to money.

    I did a facebook note about getting free traffic and that free traffic is the way to go for the newbie to avoid getting burnt cos the professional cares more about conversion than traffic.

    Well said, Gabrielle!
    Tosin recently posted…Blogging Masterminding- The Power of a MastermindMy Profile

  7. shezz says:

    Indeed. If you opt to buy users just to stay on your site for a few sec., it’s like you are throwing up your money for nothing. It would be a good idea if you are patient enough to earn credibility from your prospect visitors. Eventually, you will gain success!

  8. Kathleen Cooley

    I have long believed that there is no point in gaining 250 members to click on your email link if they are not going to spend any more time on it than you did on theirs. You are so right, I don’t care if your site is being shown on a safe list of 1,000 people and half of them click to follow you to some junk email they created. If none convert to sales they are not doing anything but raising your google stats, which in the end won’t pay the bills.
    Great Post
    Kathleen Cooley recently posted…My Blog on Marketing part 2My Profile

  9. Kenworth Peters says:

    I agree with you Gabrielle, a complete waste of money when traffic has to be paid for. At least most of the time. Great post thanks for sharing.
    Kenworth Peters recently posted…How To Get The Best Internet Marketing Training On The PlanetMy Profile

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