Improving Conversions & Dealing with Rejection

In this article we’re going to address the problem of rejection and improving conversions. They may look like two separate subjects but in fact they are very closely related.

One thing that many new network marketers are not prepared for is rejection. They give a good presentation but when they ask their closing question they are met with one of many objections. Even seasoned network marketers get regular “no thank you’s” but they have the skills to turn them around, or leave the meeting on a positive note. How?

Understand that often objections are merely a reflection of the other person’s fears. “I don’t have the money”, “I don’t have the time”, and “I’ll have to think about it” are objections we have to learn to handle effectively. Oftentimes these can be translated to “I’m scared.”


A very successful way of overcoming a rejection is to empathize, and that means closely relating to the prospect’s problem.

“I don’t have the time” can be answered with “I used to feel that way too. I was so busy working I didn’t have time to make any money! I thought I didn’t have any time myself in the beginning but I was able to establish a good business in only a couple of hours a week. I wanted my family to have a better life and I feel you probably do too.”

You can turn many objections around by immediately putting yourself in your prospect’s shoes. It will take a little practice but it’s very effective. The last thing you want to do is use pressure, it can destroy any kind of relationship you’ve already built. Always end the conversation on a positive note and ask for a referral.

Still Getting Too Many Objections?

If you’re getting a steady flow of leads and still getting nowhere you may have to look at the quality of the leads you’re getting. Pre-qualified, warm leads are far easier to convert because the prospect has already expressed an interest in your opportunity. The ideal situation is when prospects come to you, and that should be your ultimate goal.

Improving Conversion Rates

Take a long hard look at your landing pages and your e-mails. Have you done split testing to determine which landing pages and emails bring in higher-converting leads?

Are prospects able to contact you easily, and do you talk to them on the phone? Do you use the three-way calling method, i.e. getting someone more experienced than you from your upline to handle that call while you listen?

It is definitely one of the most effective ways for new network marketers to learn to do things right, and that includes handling objections. Use the tools your company gives you, and the combined knowledge of your upline to learn. Few can do it alone.

Do you know where your best quality leads are coming from? Once you have determined the source of leads that convert better you can concentrate more in that area. It’s nice to get 10 or 20 leads a day from one particular source and when you start out it’s very exciting but if those leads do not convert then they’re worse than getting no leads at all because they’re wasting your time and quickly destroying your self-confidence and enthusiasm.

You’re a Network Marketer not a Leper!

Many network marketers concentrate their efforts off-line and it’s still the most effective way to build a strong MLM business. Those who are successful are not afraid to say what they do for a living. You shouldn’t be embarrassed by what you do, even though there is still a strange stigma attached to the MLM business model.

Hold your head up and be proud of your business; you’re not selling illegal drugs you’re offering solutions, so don’t be afraid to talk about how much you enjoy helping other people, without even mentioning your opportunity.

Walk the walk, even fake it till you make it, and soon people will start coming to you to find the secret to your success. Use the negatives to bring positive results – more referrals.

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One Response to Improving Conversions & Dealing with Rejection

  1. Rocco says:

    I wholeheartedly agree, rejection & improving conversions definitely go hand in hand! I commend you on pointing out that a seasoned network marketers know how to always spin things in their favor and rejection is nothing more than part of the business.

    Good Article

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