“I Can’t Afford It” Can Mean Many Things

Whenever you have an opening on your team and have put out an ad, you will get three types of people who will respond.

  • People who know nothing about MLM
  • People who know what MLM is and have had a bad experience
  • People who know all about MLM and are serious about investing in their own future

Hopefully in your ad you have mentioned that “a financial investment” is involved. If not, you will get a flood of totally the wrong applicants, so it is best to state that. Disclosing the actual buy-in cost will scare everyone away, so it’s best not to. It’s like running an ad for “Car for Sale – $10,000”.  It may be a brand new Lamborghini, but everyone will suspect it’s a wreck and move on.

From the first category, you may get people who are ex Sales Managers, or other professions that may be qualified by their previous skills. Don’t dismiss them straight away. If they have been in a managerial position and laid off, chances are they will have access to the buy-in monies, and it is a lot easier to teach a new dog new tricks.

The second set of people is going to be more difficult to deal with. They have probably failed at MLM because they did not make a financial investment in their last company – so they had nothing to lose. They will prejudge the position on their past experiences, and will squirm at the mention of a dollar amount.

The third set of people will know that in order to have a viable business, they will have to invest some money. When you have told them about all the advantages of working for your company, great product, excellent training etc., they will be on the edge of their seats with one question on their lips, “how much?” They have already thought of ways to raise the capital, or they may already have their check book out!

You are going to hear “I can’t afford it” from your prospects, many times. That statement can be taken in two ways:

“I am very interested but can’t afford it because I don’t have the money and have no means of getting it”, and you will have to move on with the next prospect.

“I can’t afford it,” in a lot of cases means “I can afford it but I am not willing to invest that kind of money when I know I am not up to doing the job. I am lazy, or not cut out for MLM, I hate dealing with the public, I hate being in sales” etc.  If they didn’t know MLM was about sales, they are not telling the truth. Time-wasters, move on.

Every bona fide MLM opportunity has a buy in. If a company doesn’t, you can see straight away by the quality of their recruits. They take all-comers, people totally unqualified and people who don’t really care. Because this “labor” is free, the turnover will be enormous, the training will be poor, if there is any at all, and the product will more than likely be crap anyway.

Top tier companies can have anywhere up to a $20,000 buy-in, so when someone says they can’t afford a few hundred dollars, something is wrong. Chances are, your presentation was not powerful enough to energize some of your prospects into believing that the buy-in money would be an investment in their future. If you keep coming away empty handed from interviews, you may have to re-evaluate your methods. Finding a team member is, after all, the same as going through a pitch to a customer – find the need, warm up and then close.

“I will have to talk to my better half,” – I hate that term “better half” I always want to say “if your better half is better than you, why isn’t he or she applying?” You will be able to tell if this is just an excuse to run out of the door, and most of the time it is. Who needs a team member who can’t make a decision on his own anyway? It is very unlikely that you will hear from this person again.

It’s refreshing when at a point in an interview your prospect stands up, puts out his hand and says “thank you but I am just not interested.” It’s rare.

Watch the body language and you will know exactly where you stand. Many people will say that they are interested, when it is perfectly obvious that they are not. Don’t waste your time or theirs. Focus your efforts on the people who are interested, who will do anything it takes to secure their future wealth and stability.

If you have presented the qualities of your company correctly, you will have people running home and pawning their jewelry, or going straight to the bank for a loan!

Gabriele Cramer-Knebel
Network Marketing Made E-Z!

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3 Responses to “I Can’t Afford It” Can Mean Many Things

  1. Kathleen Cooley says:

    I have been taught that Professionals sort, Amateurs convince. Your blog defines that very well

  2. brigitte charlon says:

    Aloha Gabriele,
    I like this post for you say simply and clearly what to expect, from each kind of prospect, and what to DO with it.
    Often marketers are afraid to miss closing, and just because they are afraid, that’s what happens to them.
    So your information allows us to feel ok with each case, and MOVE TO THE NEXT person when needed.
    That goes with the principle of attraction marketing: be sold before you even meet the prospect. And yes, that is given by producing good, excellent presentation of your opportunity.
    Thank you! Mahalo!

  3. Mike Hobbs says:

    I can’t afford it is almost always an excuse. Very rare cases that someone actually can’t afford it. I had one of my close friends say he couldn’t afford a $130 buy in then the next week he actually told me he got an new Iphone. hmmmm. Aren’t Iphones a couple hundred dollars? haha

    People buy things that they want. If your presentations doesn’t get them really wanting what you have to offer, they wont buy from you. If you do show enough value then they will find the money.

    Mike Hobbs recently posted…Marketing Survival Skills – Does It Really Have Unlimited Cpanel Hosting IncludedMy Profile

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