How TV Reduced People’s Attention Span and How that Can Benefit You

The 30-second elevator pitch may seem terrifying to new network marketers, but why should that be? There are very few people who don’t own a television, a medium that can provide us with hundreds of different channels with everything ranging from tedious infomercials to full length movies and sitcoms. In between all this entertainment are advertisements and the majority of those ads last no longer than a few seconds.

The boob tube can offer us plenty of insight into how to grab people’s attention. Even if you go out to the movies you’re offered quick previews of upcoming movies interspersed with ads designed to get you back into the lobby to purchase overpriced snacks!

Television advertising is expensive especially during prime time so the quicker the company can get its message across effectively, the cheaper it will be for them and the more often it can be repeated.

With a 30-second elevator speech you don’t get a second chance but you can learn from studying the way television advertising is put together.

Television has reduced the general public’s attention span to that of a flea and the remote control is the nail in the coffin. Nobody wants to listen or watch anything they’re not interested in. Advertisers know that, so they have to make short attention-grabbing ads or chances are the channel will be flipped.

Unfortunately you don’t have the kind of budget that those big TV advertisers have but you can get helpful tips about how to construct your 30-second speech.

What’s Your Goal?

Your objective is the same as the advertiser’s – to sell. You’ll never see a short ad that contains anything other than words enticing you to buy. They rely heavily on visuals of course, but those visuals reinforce people’s desire. Whether it’s a picture of a hot steaming pizza or the latest sports car the objective of the advertisement is to make you want whatever it is.

If a service is being advertised benefits are heavily stressed. Carpet cleaning companies show pictures of dingy looking rugs and furniture miraculously turned into a spotlessly clean home full of happy, smiling people, which makes the viewer think about how shabby her home looks.

All of the products we mentioned have benefits and fulfill desires and needs.

Be Different

Most people have a favorite advertisement. It may be cool, funny or downright weird. The most effective ads have a way of making you leave the remote where it is, they engage you in the first second and draw you all the way through to the end. This is known as a hook, and when giving your brief speech this is the most effective way of keeping people’s attention.

Help People Visualize the Benefits

Many advertisements involve a story and there’s no reason why you can’t tell a story related to your business. Talk about someone you helped who was down on her luck, and is now debt-free and drives a brand-new car. If you can relate to your audience you can quickly paint a picture in their minds of what their lives could be like if they took you up on the opportunity you’re offering. Leave them excited and wanting more information.

Do you find the 30-second pitch difficult or do you enjoy seeing people’s eyes light up? Do you use the same formula for your speech, adapting it to different people?

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