How to Turn Prospects into Partners

You may have contemplated becoming a network marketer for quite some time. You’ve done your homework and you’ve chosen a product and company that you like and trust. Congratulations. But now what?

It’s very likely that you’re full of enthusiasm, especially if you’ve already gone to sales meetings. Trouble is your sponsor and no one at the sales meetings has addressed the fundamental way you are going to earn a substantial amount of money. In short, it’s lead generation and building relationships with those leads.

Find Your Target Market

Right from the get-go you need to concentrate your marketing efforts on the people who are most likely to buy your product. Think about it. Why would you try to market women’s makeup to men? So you’ve already cut out roughly 50% of the population!

In the beginning you’ve probably not concentrated your efforts in the right places, so now it’s time to stop wasting your energy and discover exactly who your target market is.


If you build a website or blog the best way to discover your target market is through the use of keywords. These keywords are the words and phrases most often used by people looking for your kind of product.

The next step is to write articles around those keywords to attract those targeted visitors. You can also build a Facebook business page and join Groups within Facebook that are specifically related to your kind of product.

The next step is to start building relationships. This can be easily done within social media. You should post articles and content to your Facebook business page as regularly as you do to your website. Answer questions and interact. You can also set up a system where each of your website or blog posts appears on your Facebook page automatically.

You can also build relationships through a carefully structured email campaign. When people visit your site you should have an opt-in box. You can entice people to sign up simply by offering them something for free such as a sample or eBook or by offering to send them a monthly newsletter.


Offline marketing is exactly the same. It’s all about building trust and relationships with people who are interested in your product. Neither online nor off-line should you pressurize people. People hate to be sold but they do enjoy buying. They always want to feel like they are in control.

One important thing to bear in mind is that the majority of people are only interested in what’s in it for them. This applies if you’re selling products or recruiting for your downline. People want to know the benefits of a product. Will it save them time or money? Is it better than a competitor’s product?

Strangely one of the most effective ways of turning prospects into partners is by listening. If you’re recruiting for your downline, listen to what your prospect has to say. You can then tell her the benefits of network marketing – but be honest! Don’t ever promise a prospect she’ll be rich within a month or that it won’t be hard work!

It’s best to build a good relationship with any prospect before even offering her a place on your team. It’s pointless recruiting dozens of people into your downline if they’re all ineffective. You want people you know and trust who will help to bring you the income that you’re hoping for.

In this role you have become a leader and you should value people’s trust. Spend time getting to know everyone – potential customers and prospects. Grow your relationships, and your business will flourish. You can build a strong reputation that means those leads come to you – not vice versa.

How can a new network marketer identify and reach his or her target market effectively? Please share any tips you may have to help newcomers to the industry become established quickly.

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