How to Increase Your Sign-up List With The Double Opt-in Challenge?

Lately a new thing is happening when you opt-in to receive information or a newsletter, or even when setting up a new account on a website. You receive an e-mail requesting confirmation of your subscription and you normally just click the link and confirm. This is called a double opt-in, and was mandated by the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003. This is to prevent the much hated spam.

This law was passed to guard consumers from misleading marketing, unwanted emails, and gives subscribers the option of not joining or subscribing to something if they change their mind. This means that the business owner has to jump through two hoops to get that precious opt-in or lead. It would be interesting to know how many potential leads do not click that second opt-in link! This law is supposed to protect the consumer, but it puts the business owner in jeopardy of losing a potential client or subscriber.

Your opt-in email could quite possibly end up in someone’s spam can, and potentially be lost or forgotten, or they may think it’s in there because it contains a virus or malware. If the email is left unopened for any length of time, the subscriber may simply forget what it was all about in the first place, and the business owner will lose a potential lead or sale.

Obviously the good news is that someone who does click on the opt-in request is genuinely interested and therefore much more qualified anyway. Your list will become much more valuable when you know that everyone on there is a highly targeted and genuinely interested potential client.

There are a few tips to increasing the number of responses from those who have requested information:

Incentives – offer a free ebook, a coupon or a free bonus – anything with the word “free” usually does the trick, but of course they have to confirm their opt-in to get that bonus

Get a phone number on the initial opt-in form on your site, ask for a phone number and make it a mandatory field, that way if the person doesn’t opt in you can text or call to remind them.

Get an address, just like above, by making that field mandatory. If you don’t get an opt-in confirmation, you could send a postcard as a reminder. Make the postcard personal by writing the address yourself and addressing the person by his or her first name, it won’t look like normal marketing material and end up in the garbage!

If you met the prospect face to face at a trade show, put your photo on the card to remind your prospect of who you are – he or she probably met many people at the show and has a sheaf of business cards. A photo is a great memory-jogger! When you send it put a real stamp on it too, don’t run it through a bulk postage meter. Personalize it and make it look like you put some real work and effort into it – you are using attraction marketing again, and a personalized note should do the trick “nice to meet you at xxx, John, here’s the information you were asking for.”

If you have to use an envelope, choose any color other than white and with a handwritten address on it and a stamp, it will be sure to pique your prospect’s interest.

You may think that method is taking a step backwards, but people really enjoy getting what has become a rarity – a real hand written letter, crafted with care. It may have cost you 50 cents instead of a free email, but you may be surprised at the response you get.  Just by spending the time and the 50 cents, your piece of correspondence is something of value, unlike a mass produced email.

Your handwritten, carefully crafted letter or postcard will definitely not be classified as junk mail!

Remember all those cards, calendars and diaries, notepads and Christmas cards you used to get in the mail?  I miss all of it! Perhaps it’s time to turn back the clock!

Your list is precious; it is your path to income and the life blood of any network marketing or MLM business. For those half opt-ins it may be a good way of adding them to your list, they will be attracted to you because you have stepped outside the box and taken the time, money and effort to do so.

Put in every effort you can by whatever means, to keep building your opt-in lists daily, knowing with confidence that your subscribers are genuinely interested in your product or service.

Gabriele Cramer-Knebel
Network Marketing Made E-Z!
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3 Responses to How to Increase Your Sign-up List With The Double Opt-in Challenge?

  1. Kathleen Cooley says:

    Great post I especially love that part about the personal handwritten note with a different colored envelope
    Kathy Cooley

  2. Mike Hobbs says:

    Great tips for sure,

    One thing you have to remember though is the more info you ask for the less optins you get, with that said the optins you do get are way more serious…

    I personally only ask for Name, email & phone because I don’t plan on sending direct mail to them and I know asking for address will get less people to optin…

    But that is a great idea about the postcards if you do get an address…

    Mike Hobbs recently posted…What the “Bleep” is wrong with skypeMy Profile

    • You are right that the more information you are asking for the less people are willing to sign up. I usually only ask for Name and email and get lots of sing-ups this way. Bu,t if someone is willing to give you more information the better you have a way to pursue a prospect to get him/her to give you that add-on to your list.

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