How to Implement a Network Marketing Strategy

A solid network marketing strategy is essential to building a successful online business.  Although many top network marketing leaders guard their methods, there are three major components to this, none of which is difficult. It is the same method as you would use to build a successful offline business – attract customers, and build good relationships with them, so they keep coming back.

Follow the marketing strategy laid out below; it is the simplest way to successful online lead generation.  Master this strategy and you will succeed.

The Online Network Marketing Strategy

  • Build Your List
  • Encourage Relationships
  • Monetize

Build Your List

That sounds easy doesn’t it?  However, nobody will sign up for your list if you don’t present something of value.  You must make an offer compelling enough for your potential customer to be happy to give you his email address and possibly other personal details.

Encourage Relationships

How do I encourage relationships with my list? With Permission Marketing the strategy uses a blog, website, or landing page with an opt-in form. You are given permission only when someone submits his or her name, email address, and any other relevant information you need to collect. A paid, monthly service like AWeber is ideal for setting up your opt in form.  You design the form with all the fields you need – name, email address, and any other information you may require, then cut and paste the code they provide into your blog or website.  Then you design an autoresponder, which is sent automatically as soon as someone signs up.   The first autoresponder will confirm that a new subscriber really did request information from you. When the subscriber confirms, your periodical messages can then be sent to your list, either daily, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. Subscribers also have the ability to cancel their permission by opting out of their subscription. Most email programs include that option, so you can’t be accused of being a “spammer”.

You have now been granted a subscriber’s permission to send emails to him. Remember, Permission Marketing is the privilege (not the right) of delivering anticipated, personal and relevant messages to people who actually want to get them. Once you have lost your subscriber you might never get him back. Your strategy now becomes being a solutions provider, and to keep your audience interested.

For example, this article provides solutions for network marketing professionals and reps who want to learn the strategies of online marketing. Your emails should garner trust and offer value in the form of useful information, which can also include suggested products or services and other recommended and relevant opportunities, that you would use yourself. These should only be things that you have confidence in and trust.

There are marketing systems that have integral, self-branded, valuable auto-responder messages already made for you, specifically for network marketing, and this is not as complex as it sounds. The pre-made messages can be pasted right into an auto-responder account. By using a program such as AWeber, you will not have to write your own messages, until you are comfortable enough to write these messages yourself. This is one of the many tools out there designed to help you begin your network marketing career.


So now you are building your list and entering into a trusting relationship with your subscribers – but where do we go from here? Now is the time to learn a little about monetizing your list.

People buy from people they know and trust, it’s a fact. So if you have established a good relationship with your subscribers, they will feel confident that they know and trust you. You are giving them value. Your subscribers are now ‘pre-sold’, and will feel confident buying from you at any time.

Each purchase of your trusted, recommended information, service or product, will be a foundation for your online lead generation activity. This is called a ‘self-funded’ proposal. Remember, some subscribers may not join you in your primary business, but as a bonus, may purchase from you for other reasons.

The best marketing systems will be varied, and offer training products, live training webinars, and question and answer blogs, to which you can invite your subscribers.

Gabriele Cramer-Knebel
Network Marketing Made E-Z!

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