How to Get a Better Click-Through Rate

It doesn’t matter how many visitors you get to your website if they don’t take you up on your offers and click on ads to bring you commissions, there’s not much point. You can have a thousand visitors a day but if only one person clicks on your offer then that’s as good as getting only one visitor. The increased traffic will only win you a little favor in the search engines’ estimation, but at least that’s something. It won’t make you much money.

Build a Better Following

Some visitors come to a website by accident but most have done some kind of search that has brought your site up in the search engine results pages (SERPS) which is better. It means that one of your keywords on one of your pages triggered the search engine to list that page, and you’d better deliver what you promise.

Everyone should know by now that articles don’t attract human visitors by being optimized to the max. They attract and keep visitors coming back because they can find the help and information they’re looking for. Google bots don’t have credit cards and have never been known to purchase one darn thing online.

Your articles should be unique, reflect your personality and not regurgitate all the same old stuff that all other sites in your niche contain.

The key is to know your target audience and give them exactly what they want, which is easy if you can put yourself in their shoes. One tip is to keep your information up-to-the-minute. Set up Google alerts for anything to do with your particular niche. Study them and pick a couple that are fresh and contain hot industry news perhaps – even if it’s controversial. Knock out a quick article and express your opinion. You’ll soon build a following, especially if you post and schedule some pithy Tweets and send the article to your Facebook page.

Design Matters

Does your offer stand out on your page? Is the article around it, the title and link to the offer attractive, visible and enticing?

Some website owners are so hell-bent on making commissions their pages are cluttered with flashing lights, animated arrows, the max amount of Google Adsense ads, plus irrelevant and unnecessary pictures, too many links and affiliate ads. When you land on them they look something like the control panel of an Airbus, just about to hit the ground.

The visitor’s brain registers Overload! And they’re gone in a nanosecond. Too much information.

Take the time to look at a “heat map” of where a visitor’s eyes go when she visits a webpage and put your best offers there. Strip out any non-performing ads and banners and make sure there’s plenty of white space around your article. Add numbered lists, bullet points and subtitles. This helps the brain relax and think “oh, this is easy to read.” Top that with a zappy title and you have the beginnings of a good recipe for improved click-through rates (CTRs).

Less is definitely more.

Google bots hate having to wade knee-deep through dozens of ads and banners at the top of the site – above the fold. You can actually be penalized because it doesn’t make for a great reader experience.

Think about it. You land on a site and all you see is ads and banners. All it suggests is that the site owner is out to make money, and little else.

If your offer involves a visitor clicking on a link, it’s quite acceptable to repeat that link a couple of times on the page – not in every other sentence. Place the link in context within interesting text and make that link text pop. Don’t just say “click here to get my money-making offer.”

Potential buyers want to know the benefits of owning a product and the search engines like to see a keyword within that link. To build a page right, sometimes it will take longer to compose the title and link text than it will the rest of the article, but don’t overlook either.

Attractive Links

On my site I could send you to for a special report (there is one, if you want to read it click the link). You will probably follow the link because you know my site and you trust me. However, if I was to post that link anywhere else where people don’t know me, they may be intimidated by the length of the link. And that’s where shorteners like come in very handy – especially on Twitter.

(I just hope, if you own a WordPress site, that you’ve used the custom structure  /%postname%/ or the post name /http://websitename/sample-post/ option rather than the default setting which gives a visitor absolutely no clue what your article is about. You can make this change inside your WordPress Dashboard, select Settings then Permalinks).

There’s Always another Chance

Even if you write great articles and have fantastic offers, not every visitor is going to purchase the first time. You may get bookmarked and forgotten about or strike it lucky by getting a sale on a subsequent visit.

But what about all those others who have already left and forgotten about you, even if they did enjoy your site?

Make them an offer they can’t refuse!  Give away a free report or eBook and capture their name and email address in the process. There. Easy. Now you’re building a list of potential warm clients whom you can email regularly and keep simmering.

Conversion rates, click-through rates or whatever you want to call them are what will make you the money, so build traffic by offering visitors a high quality experience and build an email list so you can keep them coming back.

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