How to Find Network Marketing Leads

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Network marketing is all about lead generation, plain and simple. All network marketers start out the same way but the most successful ones concentrate on building their businesses by finding the best sources for a constant supply of qualified leads. Once you find a system for gathering those leads you should have enough leads for yourself and your hungry downline. If you teach your downline the same system as you use, then what you have is the foundation for a profitable business.

Sounds wonderful doesn’t it? But if you’re new to network marketing you probably don’t have any idea where to look for those leads. You may have already exhausted your “warm” market which is your friends, business colleagues, neighbors and your family. Until you find a way to start getting your own leads from a not-so-warm market you’ll never be able to build a successful downline team, because they’ll be where you’re at right now.

Option 1 – Pay for Leads

If you have some money to invest you can use offline advertising. Direct mail may appear to be a little old-fashioned, but think about it, most people hardly get anything in their mailboxes these days and a well designed piece of direct mail has a very good chance of getting read, especially in this economy when so many are looking for ways to earn extra money.

You could also use classified ads in newspapers or magazines, online classified ads, fliers or pay-per-click advertising although the last choice shouldn’t be considered until you have an established business, a fully fledged website, a well-designed landing page and you know what you’re doing.

Any of the above methods can cost hundreds of dollars, which at first you’ll probably be wary of investing or you simply can’t afford.

Option 2 – Look for Referrals

Looking for referrals amongst a warm market – often called the friends and family plan can be a good start but only if this is your first foray into network marketing. If you’ve already exhausted that market by offering other opportunities, then you will be flogging the proverbial dead horse. They’ve already heard what an awesome opportunity your first product was and it failed, so unfortunately they’re not going to take you very seriously the second time around. The same applies to any team members you have. The only way you can do this would be to contact a downline member’s warm market, if he thinks his credibility has already been undermined by the offer of a previous opportunity. If they’re still not interested, then all you can hope for are some decent referrals.

Option 3 – Free Leads

Okay so now we’re going to stop being quite so negative and talk about attraction marketing, which is a way of generating free network marketing leads. This is how it works.

It starts with market research and that means thoroughly understanding who your target market is, where they are, building relationships and then coming up with a solution to their problems. This method applies whether you want to lead with one product or service or if you want to promote your main business opportunity. For sake of argument let’s say you want to lead with your business opportunity.

I always recommend Google’s free keyword tool for starting research. Now imagine you are looking to make some extra money from home, you can put the following phrases into Google to find ideas, “How to start a home business”, “Good home business” etc. Write down all of the phrases you can think of and then put each one in Google’s keyword tool.

The first phrase “how to start a home business” shows that 74,000 warm, motivated people use that exact phrase last month and they are only a part of your target market.

I’m assuming here that you’ve already built a website or a WordPress blog for your business.

Armed with the list of phrases that you’ve researched, it’s time to get to work. What you’ll need to do is write a friendly and informative article or blog post titled with one particular phrase, for example, “how to start a home business on a tight budget”. Repeat that keyword phrase (how to start a home business) once in the first sentence of your article, a couple of times again within the body of your article and finally in the last sentence. Congratulations, now you’ve learned how to write an optimized Google-friendly article!

Aim to write at least three or four articles a week around different keyword phrases. Your next move is to start marketing your site in places where you’ll find your target market. Join Facebook Groups and contribute to relevant blogs and forums. Forget your opportunity for now, just start building relationships and getting people to like and trust you.

Continue with your research and look for keyword phrases that have fewer searches and less competition, keep writing and adding content to your site. Submit articles to places like Find free PLR e-books about network marketing, rewrite and offer them as a bonus to anyone who signs up to your list.

Ah and that brings us to your List. One of the most valuable assets you will own in the MLM business. Build a relationship with your subscriber which means creating more content in the form of an ongoing email campaign.

Of course building a successful lead-generating website involves much more than we can go into here. You’ll find plenty more information by exploring this site.

It will take time, patience, a plan and a system to get it all rolling, but roll it will if you have the mindset and enthusiasm to keep pushing.

Can you think of anything else that helps new network marketers get qualified leads? Also, what else can you add to the list?

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