How to Conduct a Three-way Call between you, a Prospect and your Sponsor

In the world of off-line network marketing a three-way call is one of the most useful and effective things you can do to build your business. I know it’s a bit old-fashioned but it still works very well but unfortunately many people don’t know how to conduct a three-way call effectively. It is most useful when you are trying to close your first few sales over the phone. If one of your upline or your sponsor is willing to help you do this, then accept their help – you’ll have more chance of a successful outcome and you’ll learn.

Okay so imagine you have a hot prospect on the line, he’s seen your presentation and is about ready to sign up. Your sponsor should have already instructed you not to answer direct questions from the prospect, he will do it for you.

Initiating the call can be tricky and one thing you shouldn’t do is try and butter up the prospect. Let’s call your sponsor Stan and your prospect John.

“Hi Stan this is the prospect I told you about his name is John he’s got a big family a lot of friends and is part of that church down the road that has 5000 members and he plays golf!” Good grief, don’t do this.

This is much more effective: “Hi John, I’ve got Stan on the line, he’s been with the company for many years and he’s my mentor and a good friend who will be very happy to answer any questions that you may have. Stan this is John from Cocoa Beach, Florida.”

Do you see how much better this works? It’s far more effective to highlight your mentor’s credentials and expertise to the prospect than trying to make the prospect sound like the second coming to your mentor. John is now fired up and ready to talk to the expert. You have already started a relationship between John and Stan, now all that’s left for Stan to do is ask John the right questions – and that’s what network marketing is all about – building relationships.

So what do you do next? You shut up, hit the mute button and listen to the techniques your mentor will use to close your prospect for you. He is going to do everything and he will expect you to learn how to do it yourself. He may help you out one more time but after that you’re on your own. So listen and learn. If you don’t hit that mute button you will be tempted to interject in their conversation and all it’s going to do is throw the conversation off-track and distract both John and Stan. John does not need the pressure of two people ganging up on him at once!

When you have to make “normal” two-way calls remember the listening part. You can get a lot of clues about people by what they say, and sometimes even more by what they don’t say.

Have you ever screwed up a three-way call? Let us know about it we could all do with a good laugh.

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