How to Compile an eNewsletter

One excellent way to build a list is by having visitors subscribe to a monthly eNewsletter. They sign up via an opt-in box on your website or blog and the eNewsletter is delivered to their email inbox regularly every month.

There are a number of different reasons why an eNewsletter can be very successful. It reminds your visitor about your site and if you are offering a product that they were thinking about buying, but didn’t on their first visit, they may be in a position to buy when they receive one of your eNewsletters. It therefore keeps your visitors engaged and it isn’t as time-consuming to produce as dozens of different emails over the month, which may be perceived by the recipient as annoying.

1. Many eNewsletters comprise excerpts from articles you have placed within your site over that month, and you should start with a good name for your eNewsletter, such as “This Months’ Scoop from yourwesbitename”. Make it catchy and enticing and be sure to allude to your site’s name, so people will remember what they subscribed to.

2. Don’t confuse the reader. Stick to one theme only. You can allude to articles you have written on the subject and perhaps include helpful comments from other readers and possibly testimonials.

3. It’s a good idea to plan a year’s worth of newsletters at once if you can. By having each theme in an excel spreadsheet for example, you can build each month’s eNewsletter as you add articles and get comments, news etc., and that way you avoid duplicating content and themes.

4. You can also use subcategories of information. Perhaps your site is about dogs. You could add content that is about specific dog illnesses. It would be better not to have each eNewsletter dedicated to a particular breed of dog though, as the person receiving it may not be interested in reading about German Shepherds when they own a Pekinese.

5. The day you deliver your eNewsletter is important. If your website is about business, it may be safe to deliver it on a Monday morning during business hours for an executive to read. If your site is about leisure activities, it might be an idea to deliver it on Sundays, when people have a few minutes to relax and read. Just ensure that you deliver it every 4 weeks on the prescribed day, people get into habits and they hate those habits to be broken, and your non-delivery may cause disappointment and also people to perceive that you are not taking it seriously, or they will forget about your site.

6. If you outsource your writing, make sure you set deadlines with enough time to proofread and go over what your writers have composed. If you outsource to a designer for graphics this applies too. Give yourself at least 3 days to get everything compiled and then proofread thoroughly and make sure the eNewsletter is visually pleasing, contains helpful information and tips and not just a bunch of fluff.

7. Keep your eNewsletter to a manageable length and end it with a call to action. You could even end each article with a call to action, such as “read more about XYZ by A. Click here…” and include a link at the end of each article. Many people will not read everything, just what piques their interest.

8. Give the reader a choice of Rich Text or HTML for reading the eNewsletter; you never know what kind of system the reader is using.

9. Choose a very reliable delivery system for your eNewsletter; you should use an Autoresponder service. Their fees will differ depending on the amount of subscribers you have, Aweber is an excellent choice. AWeber also has a blog broadcast – very easy to set up to broadcast your eNewsletter to you list.

Engage your reader with a well written eNewsletter each month that is packed full of relevant information, and is easy to read. Getting them through to your website is what you are aiming for.

Do you have success with eNewsletters? Is the amount of work you put into a good eNewsletter rewarded by traffic to your site and sales? Please let us and others know below.

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8 Responses to How to Compile an eNewsletter

  1. Kathleen Cooley

    Wow! Never thought about doing an enewsletter for my business before. That is a really good idea I used to help my mother write her newsletter when she was in business many years ago so that is something I have experience with. Now thanks to your wonderful article I will definitely be looking into doing one for my business.

    Kathleen Cooley recently posted…Working From Home Series #3: Learning By LeadingMy Profile

    • Kathleen, having a signup option for a newsletter on your site is also another way of getting a great list. And it seems that you are experienced in writing newsletters before so you should have lots of fun doing it again.

  2. Otoabasi Umonting

    Very good tips here Gabriele; properly planning ones newsletter campaign is very important. I remember I used to struggle when I got started with email marketing. I’m currently using video emailing as a way of communicating with my subscribers, and it doesn’t really require a great amount of work, as long as I know the topics I’m dealing with. As for traffic, it has been bringing in quite a good amount. I see that as a way of letting my subscribers see the person behind the business.
    Thanks for sharing this; all the best.

    • Otoabasi, I just recently started my newsletter and thought that I would struggle too, but once I sat down and concentrated on just getting it done, it was surprisingly easy. Doing video to communicate with your subscribers is also a great idea. I have not done any videos to communicate on my blog or email. I have tried to get one done but I have 2 little kids at home and they love to be loud.
      Thank you for stopping by.

  3. Brian Gosur says:

    Another great post Gabriele. We are all getting spoiled to the value that you continuously bring.

    Keep it coming.

  4. Ruth says:

    Great information. Thanks for sharing.

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