How to Build a Subscriber List

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If you’re new to the world of internet or network marketing you may not fully understand the importance of building an email list. Or the thought of trying to start an email marketing campaign fills you with trepidation! Yes, the process can be daunting at first but if you don’t build a list, you’re hurting your business.

If you have great content that people interested in your particular niche have discovered and enjoyed and you don’t have an opt-in box, they’re going to be disappointed.

They may take the trouble to bookmark your site, but then they’re likely to forget about it. You’ve already disappointed a potential customer – and that’s not good!

The Money really is in the List

That’s a hackneyed and over-used phrase but I’m sorry, it’s true. The chances of someone visiting your site one time only and making a purchase or signing up for your opportunity is infinitesimal. Unless you’re Everyone loves and trusts Amazon, but they still send out emails. Your little site? It’s one of thousands like it and if you can’t nurture and build relationships with people via email and remind them you’re there, you’ll be sunk.

Building a list and sending out an email regularly will remind people you’re there to help them and keep them coming back to your site. Make sure they can move from the email to your site with one click. I can’t tell you how many emails I get that don’t include a link back to a company’s site!

If you can give people what they’re looking for within a few regular but brief emails you are building a relationship and trust. You may send out 5, 20 or 100 emails before someone actually completes your desired action. It’s a numbers game. The bigger your list, the more chances you will have IF you make your target market’s needs primary.

No email, no sale.

Know You’re Target Market

Part of building a successful internet marketing business is knowing exactly who wants needs or desires your product. Its pointless trying to market to anyone else! If you’ve already done extensive research you will know.

Your email campaign should address those wants/needs/desires by offering snippets of information that your audience will find useful.

An email marketing campaign has to be planned carefully – it’s not about telling your subscriber to buy this or that. I can’t tell you how many lists from which I’ve unsubscribed because every email has contained a link to something “amazing” that I just “have to” get (and that will cost me money!) No.

For maybe every six to ten emails you send out include an offer in one, and make sure that offer is relevant to your target market.

Don’t know what to put in those others? Then you don’t know your target market! Subscribe to blogs and forums in your niche and see what people are asking and what problems they’re having. Subscribe to Google Alerts and you’ll get up-to-the-minute news about your industry delivered to your inbox. Write your own take on that news and send it to your subscribers. Be the first!

Use an Autoresponder Service

This is the first tool I tell everyone to subscribe to. An autoresponder service like AWeber will save you hours of hard work. You can plan and compile your email campaign a month ahead and each will be delivered exactly on schedule.

The autoresponder service will also offer you a number of easily customizable designs for your opt-in box. Make it highly visible on your page, preferably above the fold, and only ask for the bare minimum of details. A first name and email address is plenty for now. Don’t deter people from signing up by asking too many questions.

How do I Get people to Sign Up?

That’s easy. Offer a big fat carrot. A free eBook, a coupon, daily tips if it’s suitable for your niche, an e-course. What would YOU want? Put yourself in your target customer’s shoes. What would SHE want? If you do offer an eBook PLEASE make it unique and original, not some re-cycled 5-year old PLR eBook that everyone else in your niche has already given away. Delight, don’t disappoint.

It only takes one click to unsubscribe – remember that. You have to keep your subscribers engaged.

Monitor your Campaign

A good autoresponder service will allow you to see how many new subscribers you’ve got and how many have unsubscribed. Heed those figures. Maybe you added an article or a video and your subscription rate spiked.

You’ll always have people who unsubscribe too, it’s natural, but if you see a spike in that data, you’ve done something wrong. Figure it out and fix it.

Knowing what IS working can help you plan not only what you add to your site but what you offer your subscribers via email.

It’s all about them, not you.

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  1. Alan

    Building a list is always an excellent idea. You have to because it lets you build trust and a relationship with your users. You also have to have autoresponder as well.

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