How to Build a Huge Network in a Year for your MLM Business

I hope you’re not in MLM expecting to make a huge income in a matter of a few weeks! Any experienced network marketer will tell you it’s going to take between one and three years before you may see the results you really want and even then you still have to keep working at it.

Network marketing is all about recruiting other people into your downline. Finding those prospects online is not difficult; all you have to do is use social media. You can build enormous lists from three major sources alone and they are Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. LinkedIn started out as being a more business to business platform but many network marketers have found it a great source of leads due to the amount of other network marketers who hang out there.

If you have the tenacity and can work hard at your network marketing business there’s no reason not to be able to generate 30 leads every day from one or all of these social sources. Do the math, that’s about 200 leads every week times 52 weeks – that’s about 10,000 leads. I’m assuming you would like a day off during that year! So let’s just say 10,000 leads – wow! So what’s stopping you?

By consistently connecting with those people over those 12 months you should be able to own an incredibly successful network marketing business. What an easy way to generate leads! You’re on social networking sites talking to people, helping them, answering their questions and basically promoting yourself and your personality and having fun. If you can add YouTube into the mix then you’ve got it made. You can share the videos you make on all of those social networking platforms without any fear of Google calling it duplicate content and kicking you in the butt for it.

The fantastic thing about social networking is you may have to work hard to get 30 people to sign up at first but if you stick at it those 30 people are going to tell their friends about you. You may end up not having to put a huge amount of effort into recruiting people after a while – they will come naturally by referral. And referrals are the best leads anybody can possibly get. What’s even better about marketing this way – it doesn’t cost of bean! Just a little time every day.

If you want to start your own blog and post useful articles on it then blogs are also part of the social media scene because they’re interactive. By linking your blog, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and everything else altogether you have the opportunity to attract organic searches from Google, Bing and Yahoo too just with a sprinkling of fairy dust in the form of SEO and keywords.

The snowball effect! All you have to do is start the ball rolling and give it a little nudge every day by offering useful information, posting helpful articles and answering questions.

The whole key to this social media thing is not to keep pitching and going on about your product and opportunity, all you’ll do is turn people off. What you do talk about are the advantages of owning this particular product and what it can do to improve other people’s lives, solve their problems, bring them extra income etc. It’s what you can do for others that’s the key to attraction marketing.

What you’re doing in marketing by showing your face on all these social media platforms is called self branding. When people know who you are, trust you, and like you they will become much more receptive to anything you offer them.

Do you use social networking as a platform for your MLM products and opportunity? Does it work for you? If it does do you have any tips, if it doesn’t why not?

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