How to Begin Marketing Yourself and Your Opportunity Online

This article simply lays out the fundamental steps to marketing online.

The whole idea behind marketing is to gain exposure for your product or brand, and those that love network marketing do it with great enthusiasm. Many of the folks that will discover you online will see your love for the business and will also want to get involved – it’s an opportunity that shouldn’t be missed!

It takes a lot of work. If you get depressed easily or can’t spend many hours in front of a computer then this isn’t for you. All the outsourcing in the world won’t resolve that problem. “You” are the most important thing in network marketing, your personality and enthusiasm and even more so in network marketing – you are offering others a huge opportunity and a chance to change their lives. You can’t be lukewarm and haphazard about it.

Here are the major parts you will need to build your online network marketing business:

1. The Wheels:

This is your traffic. This is what will move you from a financial zero to a six-figure income. The more traffic you can drive to your site, the more you’ll make, it’s simple.

It’s like a produce market in the real world. The busiest stalls are the ones attracting the most customers. They shout, they give away free samples, they have the best prices and they look happy. They take the time to ask how you are, and you go back there every week. They sell more fruit so it’s always the freshest.

Same thing with a website – you have to attract people with your personality, and spend hours telling others about your awesome stuff. That means building links, writing articles and interacting on social media and blogs. If you can afford it, advertising will work better than anything as long as you put your ads in the right places in front of a targeted audience.

Everything you write, your approach and ideas should appear fresh and new – even though you may have been in front of a computer for 12 hours! People will like you and keep coming back.

2. The Fuel:

This is your product. You should love it, use it and be completely familiar with it. You will be answering a lot of questions. Product selection is difficult; if you are selling something that hundreds of other people are selling it’s going to take some ingenuity to present it better than anyone else, it’s not impossible. In network marketing find out how the most successful folks in your up line are doing it and emulate their methods. Don’t copy – add your personality into the mix.

3) The Power:

This is your conversion rate. If you get a thousand daily visitors to your site and no sales, then you’re doing something wrong. Start out by getting people’s interest, get them to sign up and learn more. Offer videos and more information then send them an ebook. Drive them on to find out exactly what it is you are offering, and then keep them moving down your sales funnel by keeping them interested and excited.

Eventually they will realize that what you have been offering is what they need – it’s irresistible and bam! You have a sale. If it’s not working at first, keep trying, keep tweaking your system until it’s perfect, and you’ll see your conversion rates soar.

If you’re going to need some cashflow to get you through the first few months, take a look at a good “funded proposal” system which will give you the time to work on building leads while advertising revenue pays you money as you move along.

You hold the key to your success – now start your engine.

Did you start your marketing business by using a funded proposal system? What were your experiences and did it help? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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