Honesty and Social Networking

If you use a personal Facebook or other social media page it is perfectly okay to talk openly to other people, even about controversial things. Sex, politics and religion are regularly thrashed out on these social media pages and is a part of social interaction, which is why these social media sites came into being initially.

Since businesses have got into the act, we have a totally different set of values and rules in place for them.

Any company that has a social media presence must be extremely careful about what they post. Two companies recently got into a lot of controversy, and consequently lost thousand of dollars in revenue. Even if a company has a blog, which comes under the umbrella of social networking, IMHO (In My Humble Opinion), should run every post and comment through a trusted moderator first.

Not too many weeks ago a girl got fired for posting comments about her boss. There was a huge amount of debate about that. Do I think she had the right to say things about her boss? Yes. Do I think she should have posted those comments? No. But by not being able to express her comments to her Facebook friends, surely that would be limiting her social interaction? The jury is still out on that question.

We hear stories about people being raped, robbed and murdered following posts on Craigslist, Facebook and other social media sites. It was bound to happen, but I don’t think these sites are actually dangerous places per se; it’s just that a great amount of caution should be taken when comments are posted and especially when giving specific personal details.

If you are a small business, or sole proprietor of a small business, it is advisable to keep your business page totally unlinked to your personal profile to avoid problems.

Do I think that people are honest online? It’s hard to say, I can’t read their body language and it really doesn’t matter to me anyway.

Do I think that businesses are honest online? The majority of them have to be – there are far too many eyes watching them and the dishonest ones will be caught out as soon as they get up to any tricks.

Certain comments go viral daily, just make sure those comments are not detrimental to you or your business!

In Germany we have a proverb that we tell our children from very young on: “Lügen haben kurze Beine.” Translation: “Lies have short legs.” Meaning: “All lies come back to haunt you, you cannot outrun them.”

Gabriele Cramer-Knebel
Network Marketing Made E-Z!

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2 Responses to Honesty and Social Networking

  1. Mike Hobbs says:

    Great post. We always hear on the news that some people got raped from leaving personal info on a social site but I can also tell you that people have the same problem outside social media sites. Your address is usually in the public phone book or someone could follow you home. I’m sure it’s just as dangerous if not more in the offline world then it is online.


    • You are every right. The worst, besides being followed home and raped or robbed, is that people upload photos of the inside of their house/home on their social sites not realizing what they show the world what can be taken.
      One has to be careful offline and online world.

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