Home Based MLM Business Tips about Salesmanship

If you’ve entered into the world of MLM and you work from home promoting products via a home party plan method, then you can look forward to some hard work, making new friends and having fun. If you find that your parties are successful but you’re not making too many sales then it’s a good idea to work on improving your sales skills.

Of course salesmanship is a vitally important part of a home based network marketing business but your personality is just as important. Most people who are not used to sales situations often cringe at the thought of talking about money!

When we think of the word “salesman” many think of the pushy car salesman or the commission assistant who greets you at the door of an expensive boutique. They’re like yappy terriers that grab hold of your leg and won’t let go – a very negative and unproductive approach that simply alienates most people. That kind of salesmanship doesn’t work these days. The most successful salespeople are helpful and humble people who are willing to listen to people’s needs.

That probably comes as a relief if you think you will have to change your personality and become an obnoxious, pushy, money-driven monster. One of the most important ingredients for becoming a successful salesperson is confidence. This confidence can only come from knowing everything there is to know about your product and your company and will also help you deal with that horrible word NO.

I used to work for a company many years ago that offered a website-building service. The websites were ridiculously expensive with obligatory overpriced monthly hosting costing extra. Everyone who worked in the sales office made cold calls and was paid a commission. I worked with all kinds of people there, from college students who were trying to make an extra buck to ex-pushy car salesman types.

Just about every week the person who made the most sales and commission was a girl who just didn’t give a darn. While the rest of us were calling back and pestering all of the people we had spoken to over the previous months, she had incoming calls from people who wanted to sign up.

I realized the one thing in common with the college students and the pushy salesman – they sounded desperate. The other girl followed her script, answered any questions and if they didn’t sign up the first time her attitude was “whatever” and she moved on to the next call. I started following her technique and found that my sales increased dramatically. I talked to people about their needs and what the company could do for their business and stopped seeing people’s telephone numbers as figures on a commission check.

So the moral to this tale is: forget about the money for now, be natural, help people, gain their trust and the sales will follow.

With home parties or cold calling, always let the person you are talking to know that you’re there to help them. At first you will have to do the “fake it till you make it” act unfortunately – but that doesn’t mean lying to people and trying to recruit a downline by telling them they’ll make thousands of dollars in their first couple of weeks. Being an effective salesperson is not about being deceptive or untruthful.

When you know your product thoroughly you will be able to answer everybody’s questions truthfully, and if you can’t people will respect you if you say you don’t know the answer and you’ll get back to them.

Has this kind of attitude worked for you in your MLM business or do you find more success by using completely different methods? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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