Help! Why am I losing Visitors

How do you know how well your website is doing? If you are staring at your computer monitor with a blank expression, perhaps you have no clue if you are gaining or losing visitors. It’s important to know so you can improve or fix things that are not working.

Do you know if your website is losing visitors? Recently a client looked at her stats and was alarmed to see that her visitor numbers were decreasing rapidly. You can always expect fluctuations. After your website is well-established, you will see the patterns should be roughly the same every week, but if those numbers are sliding, you have got to do something.

Google Analytics is the best way to keep track of your visitors, although there are dozens of other programs and plug-ins available for WordPress sites. If you see that you have a high Bounce Rate (simply a term that means that people are coming to your site and leaving within a few seconds), then you have a problem. By using certain other programs, Alexa is one, you can see where your traffic is coming from too – this may also help you find out what the problem is.

Here are Some Primary Reasons why your Site is May be losing Visitors:

1. Your site is loading too slowly. Although most people have moved away from dial-up connections, having too much extraneous stuff on your site will slow it down. On WordPress sites it may be too many plugins. On websites it could be because you still insist on having a flash intro, or music that people don’t want to wait to see or hear, even after it’s loaded. Remember that many people are now viewing websites on mobile devices, so get your site optimized and speed it up. Cut down on unnecessary graphics and add-ons. It could also include having too much advertising. Each ad you place on your site has to be loaded from another site, one by one, slowing down response time. A recent study showed that less is more where ads are concerned. Get rid of the ones that aren’t making you any money.

2. The “what the heck?” reaction when your site loads. It happened to me only the other day. I followed a link that was supposed to lead me through to a site that contained information I needed. When I got there it was about something I could care less about. Bye. Stick to your subject.

3. You need some way for people to keep connected with you and reading your awesome articles. If you don’t have an opt in form, social media buttons, an RSS feed or a way to capture your visitors’ email addresses, then you are losing a lot of potential income, and your visitor may go off to find a site where she can stay connected. At least have a Contact Me page that contains an email address. Some people may want to ask a question and may feel that leaving a comment is too public. Even though you moderate all the comments on your blog, they don’t know their question can remain private.

4. If you are selling a product – have a Call to Action. If you want people to ask for more information, you have to tell them how to do it. If you want people to leave a relevant comment, you have to ask. “Click here for More Information”, or “Follow This Link” are calls to action. You can use a great little formula for writing your articles which is called AIDA, this stands for

  • Attention
  • Interest
  • Desire
  • Action

You can use it in emails too.

5. Keyword Optimization and SEO are more important than ever these days. This is the way you get free “organic” traffic. It is a whole subject on its own and vital to success. You can get a free keyword research tool from Google or use another free one called

6. Misleading Headers will instantly get you the wrong audience – and they will bounce fast. Make sure you stay on subject – if you are building your articles properly around keywords, it’s easier to stay on track.

7. Help! I’m Lost! Your visitor comes onto your site but can’t easily find her way around. It’s a common problem that should be addressed quickly. On WordPress it’s quite easy to change the look of your site by re-arranging categories, pages, recent posts etc., make sure they are visible and not at the foot of the page.

If you have a couple of articles that attract more people than anything else, simply change them to a Category tag so they are permanently on display. It’s okay to change your theme completely once, but doing it every few days will also confuse regular visitors. That’s why the choice of theme is very important to your blog. With a website, everything should be tabbed for easy navigation.

8. Dead links and 404s. Ever read a really interesting article and clicked on a link for more information only it’s dead? That’s a huge turn off. Clicking on a tab supposedly going through to another page that returns a 404 error is also a killer. A 404 error is often returned when pages have been moved or deleted. Use a 301 “permanently deleted” message, or better still, rewrite the page. If you moved a page, make sure it’s still live.

9. Not being able to read something. I don’t think this happens too often but by using at least a 10 to 12 point font is best. The population is aging and so are their eyes, and thousands of people access the web through mobile devices so the text needs to be legible.

10. Where is it? Well search me! This may help with any navigation problems you’re having. Google’s search tool can be added to your site after customization. People can either search your site or search the web after they’ve been on your site. also offers a third-party app for searching your site.

11. Is Your Content Worth Reading? I hate to say Content is King again; it’s probably the most hackneyed phrase on the web BECAUSE IT’S TRUE. If your post isn’t well written, full of spelling errors and inaccuracies, then nobody will stay after the first paragraph.

If you can’t write admit it, hire a good writer who speaks English as a first language. I am dead against using spun articles unless they have been thoroughly proofread and corrected, and PLR is old hat. Google won’t rank you for it and readers won’t like it either if they keep finding the same article on a number of other sites. If you must buy PLR, just like spinning articles, change it and proofread it first.

As you fix any problems that may be causing your loss of visitors or high bounce rate, make note of what you’re doing. If you figure it out immediately, which I hope you do, you won’t have to spend precious time changing anything else.

Have you any comments about this problem? Was your site losing visitors? What did you find was the reason? Let us know by leaving a comment.

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