Handling Network Marketing Objections

One of the hardest things for a newcomer to network marketing or MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) to overcome is rejection. That awful word “NO” or those annoying words “I’ll think about it” will make your heart sink, but the longer you’re in the business the thicker your skin will get. However, if you know how to handle all the common objections you can often turn a No into a Yes.

First of all you have to understand that people are very often going to join YOU and not your business opportunity. If you have a dozen different people presenting the same opportunity to the same person, the most outstanding personality is going to win. It doesn’t matter if you give a flawless presentation and know everything there is to know about network marketing, your company and its products if a prospect doesn’t like or trust you you’ll never get them to sign up.

Secondly don’t take rejection personally. There are legitimate reasons why some people cannot join a network marketing opportunity and I don’t care what all the experts say – some people really don’t have the time, the money or they don’t like dealing with other people. Saying that, many people will use these reasons as excuses, but what they’re really saying is they don’t think they could be successful. It’s up to you to change their attitude.


This is one of the main stumbling blocks, but if you delve deep enough you’ll find that most people have plenty of time to spare. They prefer to sit in front of the TV! Ask the average American what he watches on TV every night he probably won’t be very specific (unless it’s sports). If your prospect has already admitted that he’d like to earn extra income, then the knack is persuading him to give up a few hours of television every week to earn that much needed extra income to help his family.

MLM Is a Scam!

This is another objection that network marketers hear frequently. The MLM model has been working fine for over 100 years. Hundreds of thousands of people earn good full-time or part-time incomes worldwide. Many MLM companies are household names and have been in business successfully for decades – if network marketing was a scam these companies would not exist.

Most People Fail!

There’s no getting around this objection other than asking whether your prospect is like “most people”. He will probably say he isn’t. You can then go on to explain why so many people do fail in MLM, and the main reason is that they don’t treat their business as a business, it’s just a sideline – something to do when they feel like it, rather like a hobby. With the right training, a good company and an excellent product there’s no reason for failure other than sheer laziness. Few people who are looking to their next rate income will ever admit they’re lazy!

With the internet, network marketing doesn’t have to involve going door-to-door or hassling every member of your family and your colleagues and friends. You can either do your network marketing completely online from the comfort of your own home, network with people you know if you enjoy it, or combine the two.

I Don’t Know Anything about Sales!

Although it’s good to know a little about the psychology of selling, network marketing is more about solving people’s problems and helping them rather than actually pushing a product. The main attributes of a successful network marketer are being able to listen and help. With these two ingredients anybody can build a successful downline team and generate a good income.

Maybe Some Other Time

People who regularly say they’re going to do things more often than not don’t. If your prospect has already admitted he’d like to generate extra income, this really isn’t a valid argument. Leaving the decision to “some other time” may be too late. The time to start building a business is today, even while the economy is so bad. If your business can weather a poor economy imagine how well you’ll be doing in the future when the economy improves – and it will.

I Can’t Afford it!

If someone is genuinely interested in starting a network marketing business they will also know that buy-in costs can be very reasonable. If that prospect has the right mindset and enthusiasm he’ll find a way, it’s up to you to encourage him to make the decision. If you think his kids are going to go hungry, then it’s up to you, but most people will find a way if they have the will.

What’s the most common objection that you hear from prospects? Have you found a way to get around this objection successfully?

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