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Any successful network marketer knows that it’s essential to generate an endless supply of high-quality leads. This isn’t exactly accurate though, they must be the right kind of leads or they’ll be no use to your business.

Generating online leads isn’t easy unless you’ve been lucky enough to stumble upon a system of lead generation that brings you nothing but qualified leads. Most newcomers to network marketing have not been that lucky. At first you may be happy to get any kind of leads but once you’ve worked through the list and done everything you can to convert those leads to sales and failed, then the depression sets in.

Fortunately there are places where you can generate better quality leads and these all involve social networking sites. Why is that? Well because you have built relationships with people on those sites, they know you, trust you, and you’ve provided them with valuable information that they will use to make a decision.

Any other method of lead generation, especially one that offers something free when someone signs up is going to be far less effective. They don’t know you; all they want is the freebie. They will subscribe, get what they want and probably unsubscribe not long after. Here are three excellent places to generate leads:

  • Facebook
  • Your own blog
  • YouTube

Everything you do on any of these sites shows your personality – especially YouTube. People will read posts on your blog and if the subject interests them they’ll keep coming back. With Facebook they can keep in touch with you and are updated when you post new information and by creating videos people can familiarize themselves not only with your product or service but with you and that’s the most important ingredient.

This is very similar to how off-line marketing works with cold calling. Very few people can get a sale on the first phone call, most sales are made only after building relationships with people – it could take any number of phone calls before securing a sale.

Online it’s exactly the same, you may start to see sales after posting 8 to 10 articles on your blog and the secret is to keep going, keep providing useful information for your prospects and consistently post new articles to your blog and Facebook. Generating fresh content will generate new leads

The great thing about making YouTube videos is you can also post them on your blog and on Facebook – there’s no duplicate content problem with videos. If you understand the principles of self branding then you have a big advantage – essentially you are selling yourself before your product. Trust can be established very quickly, and of course everything can be interlinked.

People will want to know about you and why you do what you do. Social media involves being personable so don’t make every Facebook and blog post about your product. It’s far better to get fewer leads from these sources that will have a high conversion rate than spending your days generating hundreds of leads in other places and never convert.

Besides, making videos and being on social media is much more fun, feels a lot less like “real” work and is ultimately far more rewarding.

Have you had success generating leads from these sources? Where else have you found to be an effective source of quality leads?

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