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One of the biggest mistakes made by newcomers to network marketing is sending out far too many emails. Yes, of course you want to get your message across and stay in touch with your subscribers – that’s the whole idea – but take care.

Only 1 in 4 Commercial Email messages makes it into an Inbox

That’s according to a New York based email monitoring company, so with that caution we’re offering a few tips on making sure you get your message into the inbox of a person who really has an interest in hearing what you have to say.

Join a Reputable Email Service

It costs nothing to send out emails with many of the top autoresponder/email services, until your volume reaches a certain amount. You can use all the company’s informative help and tips and start out right. If there’s somebody who knows everything about emails it’s a company such as AWeber, GVO, or GetResponse. By subscribing to an email  service you can set up lists if you have different emails that must be sent to different subscribers, use a Can Spam compliant double-opt in system, purge emails if necessary and get useful statistics about your open rates, undeliverable emails and unsubscribes.

Your List is your Friend

Don’t ever be tempted to pay for lists of email addresses. They will be old and irrelevant and definitely not interested in what you have to offer. It’s not worth risking your reputation or your business – even if you get those addresses for free.

Respect your subscribers and don’t be afraid to ask them what they want – more emails or less. If people think you actually care it will be more points in your favor.

If people are not opening your emails, try to ascertain why and if you still get no response, purge those names before they hit the spam button. If enough people do, you won’t get any emails delivered.

Be Recognizable

If you have a website name that is recognizable, use your name attached to it or something that people will recognize such as a brand name.

Despite some people saying email is becoming a thing of the past, it ain’t so, the volume of commercial email has increased 10% in the past year. That’s more emails in inboxes than ever and more reason to make yours stand out.

Your titles should be short and eye-catching – just don’t promise anything you can’t deliver. By looking at your own spam file, you’ll see which words trigger spam filters – Money, Cash, Buy and Free all spell commercial spam and the excessive use of symbols just spells plain amateurism!

Keeping the frequency of emails to a manageable amount will make life easier for you and keep your messages more relevant for your recipients, but of course it depends on what business you’re in. Once or twice a week is probably enough to remind folks they’re on your list, without annoying them.

This can be made all the more manageable by using AWeber or a similar company. You can ask subscribers what they want and the frequency they would like to receive your messages and newsletters. It is also very important that it’s easy for people to unsubscribe.

Use a reputable service, respect your email list and always give them what they want, that way your emails will be opened, read and calls to action followed, instead of ending in the trash pile.

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