Don’t Be a Twitter Twit – Six Reasons Why

Whatever kind of business you conduct on the internet, and whether you are a network marketer or an entrepreneur, you are probably using one of the social networking platforms to promote your business. At first, these were designed as social places, to be used by everyday people, but it wasn’t long before the internet business world saw the huge opportunity these social networking sites had to offer.

There are thousands of large and small businesses that do know how to use Twitter properly and to their advantage, but there are many thousands more that just don’t have a clue.  Using Twitter the right way has helped savvy companies enormously. If you are just starting out, or thinking of promoting your company on Twitter, here are six things you should NOT do to promote your company – 140 words can make or break you.

1. Do Not Hard Sell

Twitter is an excellent platform for promotion – not for hard selling. If every time you are seen on Twitter you are stabbing your follower in the eye with the wrong tactics, they will never consider any of your products. You will be seen as a nuisance, just like the salesman that follows you around on the used car lot.  As soon as a visitor gets wind that all you are doing is selling, it will turn them off, and they will “unfollow” you in a heartbeat.  Remember Twitter is a *social* media, not an advertising billboard.

2. I’ll Follow You, if you Follow Me

Reciprocity is the name of the game on Twitter.  I follow you and you follow me.  At first, but only if you didn’t hard sell right from the beginning, you attracted followers.  Those followers expect you to follow them back.  That’s the name of the game on Twitter, that’s the protocol. Don’t give your followers a reason to “unfollow” you; you have to follow them too.

3. Not Interacting

Encarta dictionary defines the word social as “allowing people to meet and interact with others in a friendly way” Interaction is what it says; it is not about being a spectator. You have to develop a relationship, just like anywhere else, and that involves participation. You must create an awareness of your product and then develop an interest in it, by your followers, *in a friendly way*. There are Twitter users who are looking in your niche; they are interested, so treat them in a friendly and helpful manner.

Some ways to interact on Twitter:

  1. Post some motivational quotes related to your niche.
  2. Send followers to an interesting blog or article that you wrote
  3. Make useful comments on other people’s Tweets, and never post negative comments
  4. Make someone feel special by saying hello
  5. Retweet useful posts from other users
  6. Say thank you.  Good manners open doors everywhere!

4. Not Offering Value

If you use Twitter correctly, it is a quick, easy and free way of offering valuable information to your followers.  Give and thou shall receive.  Like anything, the more effort you put into Twittering, the more you will get out of it.  Plan what you are going to do on Twitter before you do it.  Set aside a small amount of time each day to follow people that have signed up to follow you, and thank them.  Introduce yourself, answer a question, or perhaps offer a coupon code.  Be creative! But don’t overdo it.

5. Manually Following

It’s very easy to waste hours on social media, but you can manage your time efficiently by using specialized software. Tweet Adder or SocialOomph are examples of useful software that can save you time, and enables you to follow all your followers at one time.  It can be configured to work based on keywords or will work to follow specific users.  It is the smartest choice to optimize your Twitter time without working too hard.

6. Spamming

Did you know you can Direct Message on Twitter?  You would be surprised by how many people don’t know you can “DM” another user.  Unfortunately Direct Mailboxes are becoming just like everyday email.  The spam is annoying and cannot be filtered.  Most people don’t even bother to check their DM boxes because of this. You can be sure if your company name turns up in there time and time again, you will be quickly unfollowed!

If you don’t have something of value for your followers – shut up Twit!

Open up your DM box if you have never done it.  Yep, there they are, miles of unsolicited spam messages.  If there are a couple of useful messages in there, who is going to bother going through to find them?  This is a totally ineffective way of getting leads for your business, so right now, don’t even go there.  Treat your followers with respect and offer them something of direct value to them.  Nothing less.

To summarize: to use Twitter to your advantage, do not hard sell, do not ignore your followers, always socialize and interact with your followers and provide value to your followers. Save your precious time by using software such as Tweet Adder or SocialOomph, and never send spam.

Gabriele Cramer-Knebel
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