Do You Know What Your Money Link Is?

Money Link

Article appeared on Empower Network
by Gabriele Cramer-Knebel

Know your Money Link

A friend of mine, Mike Hobbs, recently experienced the following.  Money Link

Mike Hobbs wrote on his blog… This happened to me twice in the last 30 days so I figured it would be a good subject to talk about.

I was in the chiropractor office recently and they had a pretty cool product that I wanted to try out. They had it on site so I simply just bought it retail, but then I asked the question, “Do you have a website I can look at it more or buy at wholesale?” He replied, “Yes, hold on let me find it.” He went online and kept getting website errors and couldn’t figure out what the link was. Then I said, “Well just give me your username and I’ll look it up when I get home.” He couldn’t even give me that! haha

…So basically even if I wanted to join his business or buy products from him on the monthly basis automatically I would have to go through a ton of hoops to do so!

This happened again while I was looking for a pre-workout supplement at the gym I attend. Again, he had product on site to sell retail, but his website wasn’t setup to sell products so I could get them at wholesale or even the business if I wanted to.

…In my opinion if you are going to be selling any kind of product you should know what your Money Link is.

This link is the one you need when someone is ready to pay or join you in business!  The most important link you can know because that is what PAYS you!

Know your Money Link

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Money Link

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Money Link

Money Link
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