Do You Know the Reasons you Fail? — Part II

Now, we continue the reasons why you might be failing in Network Marketing.

More Facts about Network Marketing:

  • Putting blame on others – they blame their upline, the company, the compensation plan, and the product for their failure.  This is YOUR business and YOUR responsibility.  If you have chosen the right company and upline, then your success or failure falls squarely on your shoulders.
  • Being impatient – most people get impatient fast and quit with success just around the corner.  This is a business and it takes time to build it.  If you were building a traditional business, it would take you 3 to 5 years before you were actually making any money.  In network marketing, you can do this in a matter of months.  Be patient and don’t quit.
  • Not buying your own domain name – You need to get your own domain name. Getting a free domain name will not give you the same benefits as owning your own. People refrain from purchasing their own domain name due to high costs. However, cheaper domains are becoming available day by day.  Your domain name will become your brand name will give you a permanent place on the internet.
  • Not having a user-friendly website – You must have an easy to understand and simple website. Many times online marketing fails because of confusing websites. A website that is littered with products, has too many pop-ups and inadequate instructions is a bad website. People need a user friendly website that interacts with people and looks hassle free. Simplicity will gain trust easily rather than too many sales elements.
  • Not following your subscribers or consumers – Somebody bought a product from you or subscribed to your newsletter or emails and you didn’t even bother to follow-up. This is not the way to generate sales. The “Who cares” attitude is not for internet business or any business that demands growth. As online business owners you MUST maintain a special relation with your subscribers or clients. More healthy relationship will yield high success.
  • Are not prepared to pay the price – In network marketing you have to make a few sacrifices in the beginning to be able to reap your rewards later on. If you lack knowledge or are afraid to build your internet business you will definitely fail. There are many sites out that offer training and coaching to get you going and this is your ticket to the Big success.
  • Taking ‘NO’ personally – people are going to tell you NO. It’s not the right time in their life for what you are offering.  They are not rejecting you, but rather the opportunity or products.  Don’t take it personally, just stay in touch with the person, so when the time is right, you will be there.

Can You Still Make It In Network Marketing?

Yes you can! The only tool system you will ever need is you. There is a law of attraction, people are attracted to those that can most help them achieve what they truly want. The final question you have to decide is, do you want to be in the 97 percent category or the 3 percent?

Gabriele Cramer-Knebel
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