Developing the “You” Brand in Your Network Marketing Business

There will be hundreds, possibly thousands of people online in the network marketing business trying to promote the same product and opportunity that you are. So how can you develop a system of marketing that will make you stand out from all the others?

When we think of marketing we naturally think about tangible products, goods or services. In network marketing to stand out from the crowd you should take a different approach which involves marketing yourself primarily and your product/opportunity second.

You don’t have to be an extrovert to succeed in this business, you just have to be different and think of ways to market yourself outside of the norm.

What unique talents do you have? What are your strengths? When people think of you, what do they associate you with? Make a list of your personality traits that make you different.

The majority of people in the network marketing business tend to stick to the rules. They build a website, they start a Facebook business page, they do the friends and family approach and maybe join a networking group. They blend in with everybody else. They do what they’re told to do and nothing else, then wonder why they’re not getting anywhere.

What can you do to make yourself more attractive? I don’t mean getting your hair and nails done or buying a new dress – I mean attractive to others by what you bring to the table. Your personality, the things you do and what you can offer.

Success in network marketing boils down to a couple of basic things – getting a consistent supply of qualified leads every day and learning how to become an effective leader. Without leveraging the time of other people, i.e. creating a well performing downline team you’re never going to earn the kind of money you’re hoping for.

One of the best ways to find out why the most successful people in your company are in that enviable position, is to look at what they do. You’ll find they go above and beyond to become more attractive.

One way to do this is by offering free services and information which will naturally encourage people to sign up to your list. That doesn’t mean giving away the same eBook that everybody else is. You will have to produce something unique in an area that has possibly been overlooked, or cover aspect of network marketing that has worked for you. Be different.

Videos are probably the best way to brand yourself. By showing your face on videos frequently people will begin to recognize you, and if you produce helpful training videos for example, people will want to share them. Even more exposure (branding) for you.

Your upline is a great source of information. Never be afraid to ask questions. They’re there to help you.

You could also start a blog about your network marketing experiences. There are thousands of people who need help in this industry and if you can provide it, they will remember you and keep coming back.

If you can come up with a system that works effectively for you, then you can pass it on to your downline and they can become successful faster. You can show them your training videos and eBooks and share with them exactly how you got started. Don’t be afraid to talk about the mistakes you made or the times when you felt like giving up. Honesty and empathy are two very attractive traits.

What aspects of network marketing do you enjoy the most? Do you have more success off-line than online? Do you host home parties or fundraisers? These are all things you can talk about and you can always take your video camera along to record what happens.

Are you talented at getting leads, closing, or team-building? These are all useful subjects that other people may want to hear about, even if they have strengths in other areas. Concentrate on aspects of network marketing where you know others have difficulty. By helping and answering questions you are branding yourself as a leader and the go-to person for help.

Don’t just plod along, work hard and keep trying new ideas. This isn’t a 9-to-5 job in a cubicle. It’s your opportunity to develop your own brand and build a very successful business of your own.

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