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Many people find one of the hardest parts of maintaining a website is adding relevant and interesting content regularly, and especially if what they are promoting is not terribly interesting!

The only difference between a full-sized article for a website and a blog is the optimum amount of words in the article. A page on a website even if you use WordPress as a website, should be around 500 words and a blog about 300. These numbers aren’t set in stone, but few people will read content that is too long – unless you are lucky enough to be able to write captivating copy!

With your own blog or website, write at least two or three articles a week and keep the content fresh and up to date. Ideas can come from many sources; simply by looking at someone else’s article on an article site may give you some ideas, but you should never just cut and paste that information, try to rewrite it and inject some of your personality into it!

A good way of finding inspiration on other people’s blogs is by watching what people are asking. If you promote an electronic gadget and people are constantly asking “how do I do this or that?”, write an article about how to do that thing and post it to your site, that way when the next person asks how they do it, you can send them straight through to your site for the answer.

Planning your posts can be a good idea if you can’t write things “on the fly”.  If you use WordPress as a blog, you can download a plug-in called the “Editorial Calendar” which will publish your blogs on the days you specify. If you use WordPress as a website, you can schedule pages to publish on specific days, it is on the top right hand side where the page says Publish etc. This is particularly helpful if you only have time to write on one particular day and you don’t want to publish all your pages at once.

You can also check out places like Yahoo Answers or even join a Group on Facebook and see what they are talking about. Once your blog gets popular, people will be asking you questions too, so you can write articles about the most commonly asked questions on your site.

Another way is to use the Google keyword tool. Normally used for finding keywords for your site, when you punch in your subject word, the list that comes up will contain “long tail keywords” in the form of questions or phrases, and these can be used as ideas for writing new content for your site.

If you get really stuck, you could always hire someone to write articles for you, perhaps not too affordable for some folks starting out, but once you start making some money it may be a good investment, especially if you suffer from writer’s block, you don’t write particularly well, or you simply don’t have the time.

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