Choosing the Right Blog Platform

You may decide you want to start blogging about a particular subject that interests you, or you may choose to blog to make money. Either way you will have to decide which platform is going to be best for your blog. The two main choices today are Blogger and WordPress.  The blogging platform you choose will turn your blog comments, and those of your readers, into an easily readable format, arranged in a logical way and with a pleasing theme appropriate to your subject.

There are arguments for and against both platforms and ultimately it will be for you to decide. As the technology behind blogging moves ahead so rapidly, by the time you have read this post something will have been changed!

Both WordPress and Blogger are free to use and both will give you a blog name, so there’s no need to purchase a domain name. Both systems have dashboards where you can easily change the theme of your bog and the layout.

Blogger, I am told as I don’t use it, is more difficult to make money with and you never own your site. This has enormous disadvantages, just like Squidoo. If for any reason the people who do own the site don’t want you around anymore, months or years of work can go down the toilet, along with any income you were making. Your Blogger name will be “” not “” – which is why you need to keep control and ownership of all your content.

There is and, the latter provides a platform just like Blogger does above – you don’t have your own domain name and hence do not own your blog per se. on the other hand allows you to own your own domain name and you host it with a hosting company, as if it was a website. is an ideal platform for those who like to blog about their family and fun things – more of a pastime than a money-making activity., once you have purchased a domain name and opened a hosting account offers hundreds of free designs and templates for you to choose from. There are designs especially for photographers and artists that are set up like galleries, designs for those who want to get into eCommerce heavily, and thousands of choices of other layouts.  You can also pay for premium designs which have their own particular advantages.

If you are completely new to blogging and don’t want to make an income from your blog, your choice is a Blogger or a blog.

If on the other hand you want to build a site that makes money, choose Although WordPress’s sites are somewhat more complicated, via little software programs called plugins – thousands of which are free – you can adapt and get your website functioning exactly the way you want it.

There are many plugins that can help you with SEO, which is vitally important, or if you want to add social buttons, shopping carts, Google maps, get indexed instantly, link to Google analytics, make your site translatable into different languages, WordPress has all those plugins that can make your site successful faster.

It is very important that you own everything you do, so choosing really is a no-brainer. I am not saying there is an imminent danger that you could lose your work with Blogger or, but if your intention is to make money from your blog, is the way to go.

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4 Responses to Choosing the Right Blog Platform

  1. Hello Gabriele! This is great information. I’m fortunate that mentors pointed me in the right direction before I learned this. You have a very nice blog with wonderful insights.
    Go! Go! Go!

    • Thank you Jeffrey,
      I am glad you found mentors to point you in the right direction. I bet your learning was fast. Most of the people do not have mentors or can’t find the right mentor and it takes them forever to learn. That is the reason the ‘I give up’ is so high – 93% or higher.

  2. Kathleen Cooley

    I just found out the other day that there was a difference between and, Thank you for explaining it further. Now when I make my choice I can make an informed decision.

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