Network Marketing – Why has It Got Such a Bad Name?

Network Marketing – Why has It Got Such a Bad Name? The Pyramid Argument Every day hundreds of people – probably thousands  – consider starting a business, but many won’t even consider network marketing because it has such a bad … Continue reading

Why Saying Thank You Goes a Long Way

Why Saying Thank You Goes a Long Way Say ‘Thank You’ It’s very easy to overlook basic manners especially when doing business online. Good manners say a lot to me, especially when someone has done something for me and that’s … Continue reading

Don’t Be Labeled a Spammer or How to get Your Emails Delivered | email

One of the biggest mistakes made by newcomers to network marketing is sending out far too many emails. Yes, of course you want to get your message across and stay in touch with your subscribers – that’s the whole idea … Continue reading

How to Make your Email Marketing Campaign More Effective

Is Email Marketing on its Way Out? If anyone tells you that email marketing is on the way out – that simply isn’t true. According to a study by Experian, email volume increased 10% between the second quarter of 2011 … Continue reading

5 Steps to Successful Online Network Marketing

5 Steps to Successful Online Network Marketing If you read our article on the 80/20 Rule and you break this equation down you could say that one fifth of your online marketing effort is going to earn you the majority … Continue reading

How using HTML for WordPress can Improve your Site

A  Little HTML Knowledge Goes a Long Way WordPress is amazing – I don’t know anyone that doesn’t find it easy to use and whether you opt to pay for a custom design, or you’re happy with one of the … Continue reading

How to Ramp up Your Online Sales

Tips for Increasing Traffic & Profits In Network Marketing, as with any other kind of business, building a website is just a beginning. It’s a bit like opening a bricks and mortar business on a busy High Street, if you … Continue reading

How to use SEO to Gain Higher Rankings for your Site

Higher Rankings Means More Traffic and More Sales Search Engine Optimization or SEO is not difficult. You are simply giving the search engines clues as to what your page is about. The search engine then refers to its many databases … Continue reading

80/20 Rule – What is this about and Why is it so Important?

How this Strange Rule Prevails in Network Marketing If you’ve ever heard of the 80/20 rule you probably shrugged it off as a kind of Old Wives’ Tale but if you take the time to look into it you will … Continue reading

Attitude Makes All The Difference

Attitude Makes All The Difference Having a positive attitude makes all the difference – this is what Zig Ziglar teaches us in this video with an example of a woman who hates pretty much everything that has to do with … Continue reading

Backlinks – There Is An Easy Way With Google Plus

Google Plus Backlinks If you are in Network Marketing or Internet Marketing one way to get traffic to your website is through backlinks. Today, I want to share with you how to get backlinks the easy way. Did you know … Continue reading

Why You Should Continue Building Your Business

Questions To Ponder We all ask ourselves “why” we should work hard on our business. Why educate ourselves, why read this book, why take these notes, why, why, why? Why personal development is key in building this business. Watch this video from Jim … Continue reading

GVO Is More Than Just For Hosting

Article appeared on Empower Network by Gabriele Cramer-Knebel  GVO – A Quick Overview Did you know that GVO is more than just a hosting company? Most people do not know what else this company offers. And you will be surprised at … Continue reading

Google Plus SEO Tip

Article appeared on Empower Network by Gabriele Cramer-Knebel One Powerful Marketing Tip Do you know how to link your blog to your Google Plus account? No? Lots of people don’t know how to do it and are not aware of this very … Continue reading

Do You Know What Your Money Link Is?

Article appeared on Empower Network by Gabriele Cramer-Knebel Know your Money Link A friend of mine, Mike Hobbs, recently experienced the following.   Mike Hobbs wrote on his blog… This happened to me twice in the last 30 days so I figured … Continue reading

Leaders – What are the basic attributes of these guys and gals

What Makes A Good Leader Attributes of a Leader The first keyword that I want to discuss today is “leaders“. Who do you think is a leader? Can you define the core attributes and personality traits of a leader? In … Continue reading

Gurus – Avoid Most at All Costs

Don’t Keep Buying Bright Shiny Objects! I have to hand it to some of these marketing gurus; they know how to market their own stuff. They intentionally set out to attract people who are new, naïve or struggling by using … Continue reading

How to Ensure your Content isn’t Stolen

Protect yourself from Article Thieves! You may find writing easy. You sit down every day and bash out a few great articles for your website, the odd eBook and some blog posts and the occasional guest post. But some folks … Continue reading

Keyword Tools – External Keyword Tool

Keyword Tools – External Keyword Tool Keywords are very important for two reasons: so the search engines know how to index your page and so that people searching online can find what they want. Before you even start building a … Continue reading

Copyright Laws are there for a Reason!

Copyright Laws are there for a Reason! Who Cares about Copyright Laws? If you’ve been illustrating your website with photos and graphics that you’ve grabbed while wandering around the web, in a few instances this may be okay but most … Continue reading

Keyword Density is Important – True or False?

Keyword Density is Important – True or False? Why Use Keywords There are two schools of thought about keyword density and if you don’t understand what the term means, it’s simply the amount of words used in a page of … Continue reading

How to Build a WordPress Blog Fast

How to Build a WordPress Blog Fast Why you need a Domain Building a website used to be a pain. It was so complicated that many people had to pay huge amounts of money to have one made. Not anymore. … Continue reading

Get Backlinks and Traffic by Building Link Wheels

What is a Link Wheel? You can create a link wheel by using a number of web 2.0 properties, usually 6-8 and each one becomes a “spoke” and your web page is like the hub. Link wheels do involve quite … Continue reading

Keyword Density and Keyword Tags

Keyword Density and Keyword Tags Keywords and Indexing Pages There are hundreds of millions of blogs and websites on the internet and billions of separate pages. The search engines have the enormous task of putting them in some kind of … Continue reading

How to Get a Better Click-Through Rate

It doesn’t matter how many visitors you get to your website if they don’t take you up on your offers and click on ads to bring you commissions, there’s not much point. You can have a thousand visitors a day … Continue reading

Which Group Heading Do You Come Under?

It’s interesting watching human behavior especially at networking meetings. I’ve been a member of my network marketing group for quite some time now and it’s been fascinating watching how people approach others within the group. I’ve learned a lot from … Continue reading

Sell Yourself Not Your Business

Many people enter the network marketing business with a strange idea that all they have to do is sell a few things and they’ll make a decent living. That’s fine if you’re selling to people who you already know and … Continue reading

How do I Find Fresh Ideas for my Blog?

When you started your network marketing business you may have been told to start a blog of your own. If you used WordPress, then that was the easiest part of blogging. It really doesn’t take more than a couple of … Continue reading

How to Turn Prospects into Partners

You may have contemplated becoming a network marketer for quite some time. You’ve done your homework and you’ve chosen a product and company that you like and trust. Congratulations. But now what? It’s very likely that you’re full of enthusiasm, … Continue reading

No Technical Skills? They’re really not Necessary

A lot of network marketing companies recommend that you start a website or blog of your own. If they offer you a cookie-cutter site, it’s best to decline if you can because you will be able to do a lot … Continue reading

How NOT to Answer the Question “What do you do?”

If you are an experienced network marketer and somebody asked the question “what do you do?” you regard this as an opportunity to possibly get a new prospect. Say the same words to an inexperienced network marketer and the person … Continue reading

How to Build a Subscriber List

If you’re new to the world of internet or network marketing you may not fully understand the importance of building an email list. Or the thought of trying to start an email marketing campaign fills you with trepidation! Yes, the … Continue reading

Tips for Positive Prospecting

Effective MLM prospecting is an art that you’ll have to work on if you’re going to be able to generate the leads you’ll need to maintain a successful business. There are a number of things you should remember. Adapt your … Continue reading

How to Build a Hot List of Happy Subscribers

If your ultimate goal is to make money from your blog, getting people to sign up so you can build a list is one aspect that’s often overlooked. This may be because you don’t think it’s all that important. In … Continue reading

Steal the Spotlight and Win More Leads

I recently invited a friend to a Business Network International (BNI) breakfast get together. This gal is a recluse but she has a great personality, once you get her out of her shell. She has a one-woman home-based business, all … Continue reading

The ABC of Prospecting

A prospect is “somebody or something with potential” and finding those somebodies with potential is probably one of the most important parts of building a successful network marketing business. Being able to prospect on the fly as in situational prospecting … Continue reading

What is This Thing Called Prospecting?

The Encarta dictionary has a number of definitions for the word prospecting. I think this one is the most relevant to network marketing: a chance or the likelihood that something will happen in the near future, especially something desirable Prospecting … Continue reading

Starting Your Own Business – Why MLM Makes Sense

__________________________________ If you’re a sociable person and already involved in network marketing you probably make a point of talking to many people. I know that my life is very different to people who work regular jobs. Although I stick to … Continue reading

Developing the “You” Brand in Your Network Marketing Business

There will be hundreds, possibly thousands of people online in the network marketing business trying to promote the same product and opportunity that you are. So how can you develop a system of marketing that will make you stand out … Continue reading

Your 7-Day Program to Stress Management

Stress isn’t good for you. The occasionally bout of panic may spur you to complete a project on time, but being under stress during your entire working week is definitely not a good thing. If you work a normal job … Continue reading

The Power of Words in Network Marketing

Below is a short video I wanted to share with you. It briefly illustrates how the power of using effective words can stimulate increased interest and get your message across more succinctly. In this case, 4 words were added to … Continue reading

What Kind of Personality do you need in Network Marketing?

When most people think network marketing the word sales nearly always comes to mind. While direct retail experience or a background dealing with the general public may appear to be a useful asset, most of the time it really isn’t … Continue reading

Tips about what MLM Network Marketing Really Involves

If you’re thinking about getting into network marketing or you’ve already taken the steps to join a company, it doesn’t matter what you’ve been told, there are a number of things you must understand in order to be successful. Network … Continue reading

What Are Your Plans For 2012?

It’s hard making personal resolutions and even harder keeping them, and in a way writing down plans and goals for a business can sometimes be a lot easier. If you entered the network marketing business with realistic goals, did you … Continue reading

How to Find Network Marketing Leads

Network marketing is all about lead generation, plain and simple. All network marketers start out the same way but the most successful ones concentrate on building their businesses by finding the best sources for a constant supply of qualified leads. … Continue reading

Need Fresh Content? Encourage Guest Posts

If there’s one thing that I’ve noticed when searching the internet is how boring and limited many network marketers’ blogs are. It’s obvious the site was built because their company told them to, but many new network marketers find that … Continue reading

Start Building Your MLM Business Now

This may sound a little ridiculous but why did you start your network marketing business? If the answer is “because it seemed like a good idea at the time” or “because my sister told me to” you probably have no … Continue reading

Improving Conversions & Dealing with Rejection

In this article we’re going to address the problem of rejection and improving conversions. They may look like two separate subjects but in fact they are very closely related. One thing that many new network marketers are not prepared for … Continue reading

MLM Home Parties – Selling with Sociability

Humans are generally sociable creatures but unfortunately despite all the excellent aspects of the internet and even with Skype and social media many people crave the old-fashioned experience of being surrounded by real people in an upbeat and positive atmosphere. … Continue reading

How to Grab Attention with your Network Marketing Emails

Marketing to your email list is not difficult but there are a few points you should always bear in mind. It doesn’t matter if you’ve written the best email on the planet; if it doesn’t have a captivating title then … Continue reading

7 Simple Steps to Video Marketing

With over two BILLION video views on YouTube every day, it’s easy to understand how it’s become the second largest search engine behind Google (which also owns YouTube). There are two questions to address here: If you’re not using video … Continue reading

Why Do You Want to Build Your MLM Business Online?

Despite what many people in MLM will tell you it is extremely difficult to build lasting relationships with prospects online. Too many people enter this industry with the idea that they can stay home and hide behind a computer all … Continue reading

Network Marketing – Why Everyone Needs a System

If there is one thing that is fundamental to building a successful business of any kind is having a system that works. Look at McDonald’s, it doesn’t matter where you live or which McDonald’s you go into the food is … Continue reading

The 30-Second Elevator Speech – Focus and Cut out the Crap

A lot can be said in 30 seconds but it’s what you say that’s important. Screenwriters have to be expert at the short pitch. They often have no longer than that brief half-minute to corner a movie executive and get … Continue reading

How TV Reduced People’s Attention Span and How that Can Benefit You

The 30-second elevator pitch may seem terrifying to new network marketers, but why should that be? There are very few people who don’t own a television, a medium that can provide us with hundreds of different channels with everything ranging … Continue reading

Why 30-Second Speeches Can Fail

Remember “The King’s Speech” the movie about King George VI and his debilitating stutter? This man had to face and overcome an enormous challenge in order to address the entire world. If a 30-second speech is giving you a problem, … Continue reading

7 Tips for Staying Focused

If you’ve struggled to reach the top of your game, one day it will dawn on you that you’re at a different level in your career. Sometimes it takes a while to sink in, but you should feel proud of … Continue reading

8 Mistakes that Spell Amateur Blogger

It is always recommended that a network marketer start his or her own blog, but in a rush to get the ball rolling many newbies overlook some fundamental rules. A hastily built blog will look unprofessional, so here are a … Continue reading

Your Comfort Zone – Ready to Step Out?

If you ask any ordinary person if they have comfort zones associated with things they do, they’ll probably say yes, but it may take them a few minutes to think what they are. Public speaking is often one of them … Continue reading

Network Marketing Classes – Stand up and be Noticed

Who are the people you remember most when you think about your school days? Which politicians do you recognize the quickest? When you go to a party or you’re in a room full of strangers, who stands out the most? … Continue reading

The 5 Keys to Online Business Success

The one word common to both internet marketing and network marketing is, of course, marketing. It’s the way that prospects and potential customers will eventually find out about you and your product or service. Even if you have some success … Continue reading

Why you should come up with a 30-second “Elevator Pitch”

What in the world is a 30-second elevator pitch you might ask, and why is it important? Imagine this, you win a competition and first prize is a 30-second advertising slot in prime time on a national television station. You’re … Continue reading

How to Get Free Backlinks

It doesn’t matter what the purpose of your blog or website is, if you want to make money online you’re going to have to build backlinks. Get into the habit of getting a few good backlinks to your site everyday … Continue reading

Thoughts on the “Friends and Family” Plan

There are two different schools of thought about approaching your friends and family first when you start out in network marketing. Some companies recommend it and tell you to compile a list of just about anybody you know to approach … Continue reading

Two Ways to Build your Downline

Just like the Marines, some network marketers only like to recruit the best of the best into their downline team. When you’re just starting out in network marketing it may be a temptation to sign up anyone who shows the … Continue reading

More Sales Equals More Income!

Network marketing is about selling products, the more you sell the more money you make. It’s the same in this industry as it is in any other retail business. For those of you who think “pyramid scheme” every time you … Continue reading

It’s a Great Life Being a Network Marketer

One of the most important things in network marketing is attitude. If you have a positive mindset and complete confidence in your business, your product, and most importantly your opportunity, and your enthusiasm will rub off on others. You will stand … Continue reading

How to Deal with the “Pyramid Scheme” Objection

Everybody’s heard of “pyramid schemes” but most people have no clue what they actually are, ask the average man on the street to explain the term and he’ll probably fail miserably. The press and news media always uses the term … Continue reading

How to Construct an Effective Squeeze Page

I used to dislike the words “squeeze page” I much preferred the term “landing page” but a squeeze really isn’t a bad thing, especially when you’re encouraging someone to make a decision to sign up. Also known as a lead … Continue reading

Handling Network Marketing Objections

One of the hardest things for a newcomer to network marketing or MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) to overcome is rejection. That awful word “NO” or those annoying words “I’ll think about it” will make your heart sink, but the longer you’re … Continue reading

Blog or Website – Why a Website is Better

You can build a blog with WordPress in under an hour, include articles you’ve written, get your blog indexed and crawled within minutes sometimes, and be off and running. “What’s up with that?” you might say. Nothing, except there are … Continue reading

Tips for Building Your Customer List

  You may have heard people saying “the money’s in the list” and an up-to-date list full of qualified potential customers and/or prospects is an absolute must for any network marketer. The process of compiling such a list can be … Continue reading

Listen to Your Prospect – It Benefits Both of You!

We’ve all met them – those people who talk so much that eventually all you hear is “I this and I that”. You wouldn’t dream of buying anything from them and if you ever saw them again you’d probably run … Continue reading

We Want YOU as a New Recruit!

Remember that line from the song YMCA? How could you forget the band that sang it and the clothes they wore? Even the younger generation knows the Village People’s song it was so much fun, and there’s a lesson in … Continue reading

Why do so Many People have a Problem with MLM?

If you say “multi-level marketing” to certain people, they immediately shy away and mutter something about pyramid schemes. It’s true that only 3% of network marketers are successful in their businesses and the other 97% fail to make a go … Continue reading

Are you Screwing up your Network Marketing Business?

I know I keep saying this but the key to success in network marketing is recruitment. It would be hard to find an MLM company with a compensation plan that does not reward its distributors for recruiting a team. If … Continue reading

The One Tool Every Network Marketer Must Have

People get into network and internet marketing and the majority is always searching for a “Magic Bullet”. It may be the perfect way to automate lead generation, a “secret” system that will generate high conversion leads, or software that will … Continue reading

Can You Really Build an Online Business Part-Time?

There are many reasons why you want to start an MLM business – possibly with the view to eventually giving up your job and making it your primary source of income, and there are ways of doing it. Seeing people … Continue reading

Why you can’t stay Focused on your Home Based Business

  Many people dream about having their own home based businesses. They have these fuzzy ideas that they’ll be able to loll around in their pajamas all day only getting dressed to take the family out to dinner in the … Continue reading

Remember Those Leads in Your Auto Responder Account?

  It’s very easy to forget about an autoresponder list, useful as it is. Autoresponders are marvelous programs that can relieve your business of hours of work. The bigger your lists are, assuming that you split up different campaigns, then the more … Continue reading

How to Conduct a Three-way Call between you, a Prospect and your Sponsor

In the world of off-line network marketing a three-way call is one of the most useful and effective things you can do to build your business. I know it’s a bit old-fashioned but it still works very well but unfortunately … Continue reading

A Home-Based MLM Business and the Art of Conversation

Multi-level marketing is often known as network marketing, and by networking you will encounter potential prospects every day. One important thing is knowing how to converse with them effectively without seeming pushy or boring. Many people just don’t get it … Continue reading

Strong Calls to Action = Increased Sales

Just why is an effective call to action so important in marketing? First of all you have to understand a little bit about human nature. Many people have jobs because they cannot take the initiative to build their own businesses. … Continue reading

How to Build a Huge Network in a Year for your MLM Business

I hope you’re not in MLM expecting to make a huge income in a matter of a few weeks! Any experienced network marketer will tell you it’s going to take between one and three years before you may see the … Continue reading

Tips on Effective MLM Recruiting

Recruiting people into your downline is easier for some than others. To listen to some of the gurus you’d think that people would be chasing you down the street, but you’ll soon find out that’s not true. When you realize … Continue reading

Are You Afraid of Something?

You want to be successful right? Then I hope you never suffer from the fears and self-doubts that many small business owners are afflicted with. Most fears that people have are firmly entrenched in our psyches and were put there … Continue reading

Home Based MLM Business Tips about Salesmanship

If you’ve entered into the world of MLM and you work from home promoting products via a home party plan method, then you can look forward to some hard work, making new friends and having fun. If you find that … Continue reading

Limiting Beliefs – How They Can Destroy Your Business

Most people know that they want to be successful, but when it comes down to deciding to start a business, that’s when limiting beliefs start nagging away at the back of their minds. If you’re a true entrepreneur then you’re … Continue reading

Go Here to Generate High-Quality Leads

Any successful network marketer knows that it’s essential to generate an endless supply of high-quality leads. This isn’t exactly accurate though, they must be the right kind of leads or they’ll be no use to your business. Generating online leads … Continue reading

Why you May not be Recruiting Effectively

Successful salespeople including top network marketers all have one thing in common and that’s self-confidence. Doing something that you love doing always brings a certain amount of self-confidence and more so if you know exactly what you’re talking about and … Continue reading

Why Self Doubt Could be Killing Your Business

There’s one thing many people don’t talk about when they have their own home businesses and that’s self doubt. This ugly little thing can rear its head and nag away at your brain at any point in your business endeavor. … Continue reading

The History of Multi-Level Marketing

It’s amazing how many people getting into MLM or network marketing don’t know the background to this successful business model. It’s good to know the history of MLM because one of the many objections you will hear from prospects is … Continue reading

What Is a Funded Proposal System?

If you’re going to concentrate most of your network marketing efforts using the internet then there will be a period when you’re not making any money. Even after you’ve put together a fabulous website, unless you’re incredibly lucky you’re not … Continue reading

Network Marketing Leads are Not All Created Equal

Anyone who’s experienced in network marketing knows that the lifeblood of a successful business means generating massive amounts of qualified leads. The top 1% of all the most successful network marketers spend about 95% of their time creating leads in … Continue reading

Compliance in Online Network Marketing

I’ve read a heck of a lot about online network marketing but one thing I realized a few days ago is that compliance is rarely if ever mentioned. Most network marketing company policies have strict rules about using the company … Continue reading

Is Off-line Network Marketing Dead?

The trend today is network marketing online, building a website and participating in social media and other methods to get leads. This article comes after seeing an ad online where the daughter has encouraged her parents to join a social … Continue reading

Network Marketing – Tips to Generate More Leads

One of the first things that newcomers to network marketing are told is to promote their products to their family and friends. I’ve read articles from experienced network marketers who say this is a bad idea, and yet other articles … Continue reading

Using RSS in Network Marketing and MLM

In search engine optimization, RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feeds can act in ways similar to press releases and have the ability to attract a larger prospect audience to your products and/or services. Today’s buyer, thanks to the Internet, is a … Continue reading

Staying Positive when you own a Home Business

One thing that many people don’t understand about owning a home business is that you will never have somebody pat you on the back and say you’re doing a great job. Your achievements are something that only you can gauge. … Continue reading

Working from Home and Health Insurance

Many people would love to work from home, and there are dozens of reasons that we won’t go into here. Unfortunately a lot of people, including single moms and others who rely on their employment to provide them with affordable … Continue reading

Conversation – The Key to Face-To-Face Sales

If you’re looking to run any kind of business off-line then you will probably understand there is a definite way to approaching people and talking to them in sales situations. If you’re shy you’re going to have a hard time, … Continue reading

What are the Best Companies and Products in MLM

If you’re on the verge of starting your own MLM business and you’re not sure what to promote or which company to join, one of the best places you can get information is at This site is full of … Continue reading

Sponsoring in Network Marketing

If you found a product that you love and you’re working for a company that gives you everything to help you increase your business, such as great training, you’re probably not having a problem with sponsoring other people to join … Continue reading

How to Find Free Network Marketing Leads

Many network marketers have already discovered that one of the best ways for getting network marketing leads is on social sites such as Facebook. This all depends on how much you know about this kind of marketing, but if you … Continue reading

Do you know What It Takes to build a Website for your Network Marketing Business?

Building a website these days is very easy, there are over 100,000,000 of them and thousands added every day, so it obviously can’t be that difficult! Since WordPress came along it’s become even easier. WordPress offers many themes that can … Continue reading

Is a Home Network Marketing Business What you’re Looking For?

There are many advantages to having a home network marketing or MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) business. It’s a great solution for stay at home moms who want to earn extra money, people who have given up looking for jobs, active retirees … Continue reading

How To Find the Best MLM Business Opportunity For You

If you’ve carefully considered starting your own network marketing business and have money set aside to do so, you must take the time to research everything to do with the MLM marketing opportunity that you would like to pursue. Some … Continue reading

The 4 Major Categories of Personality you will Meet when Marketing

Any kind of marketing requires an understanding of the people you encounter, especially when you’re prospecting. It may take a while to be able to evaluate people, and often you will still be wrong. Of course this is a very … Continue reading

Help! Why am I losing Visitors

How do you know how well your website is doing? If you are staring at your computer monitor with a blank expression, perhaps you have no clue if you are gaining or losing visitors. It’s important to know so you … Continue reading

5 Fundamentals of Social Media for Network Marketers

One of the most recent local “crazes” has been social media marketing. You can always tell when something new comes along, there’s a big buzz and then the so-called gurus crawl out of the woodwork trying to sell you things … Continue reading

How to Begin Marketing Yourself and Your Opportunity Online

This article simply lays out the fundamental steps to marketing online. The whole idea behind marketing is to gain exposure for your product or brand, and those that love network marketing do it with great enthusiasm. Many of the folks … Continue reading

5 Tips for Building a Successful MLM Business

So many people are starting their own small businesses these days and many through absolute necessity. If they have a job they are struggling to make ends meet, and if they don’t have a job the pressure is on to … Continue reading

Network Marketing – Don’t Set Your Downline up to Fail

It is possible to make a great income in network marketing. With the correct mindset and the right skills people regularly make six-figure incomes. If you already possess the ability to help people, you’re confident, enjoy meeting and communicating with … Continue reading

Amateur Facebook Marketing – It’s All Too Obvious

I’ve subscribed to a number of sites about network and internet marketing, and have also purchased my fair share of Guru courses on NM and IM. Social media marketing is treated as a quick addendum or afterthought to many of … Continue reading

Prospecting – Digging a Hole or Looking for Gold

The fundamental core of network marketing or an MLM business is prospecting, there’s no way around it. Prospecting produces the leads that make money, either by selling product or building a team. If you have no prospects, well, that’s it … Continue reading

Finding the Best Network Marketing Company For You

With one website alone listing well over 4,000 networking opportunities, you can be sure that there are probably many more than that number available. This is great for you in one way – you can choose a network marketing company … Continue reading

Network Marketing Lead Generation – Start at the Top

Generating MLM or network marketing leads is a knack that successful network marketers get the hang of early on. There’s no complicated formula behind it, you just have to learn the right people to approach and the way to get … Continue reading

The Dreamers and the Doers In Network Marketing

One of the most nerve-wracking experiences for a new network marketer is struggling along the steps toward “The Close” – the final part of the selling process where you pray that your prospect is going to say yes and sign … Continue reading

You are a Shining Star!

So many home businesses are built on systems invented by others. Whether you are an affiliate marketer, build niche websites or you’re a network marketer, following a system that works for you is a great start but you won’t get … Continue reading

Blog Broadcast – the Best eNewsletter System

If you contribute to a blog on a regular basis or you run a blog of your own, set up an email system where your contributors are notified of the latest posts. This is best done through Aweber which is … Continue reading

Easy Steps to Marketing Success

Like any specialized business model, network marketing has its own peculiar ways of doing things. There are three fundamental steps you must take if you are to become successful in your network marketing business, and these rules can also apply … Continue reading

Leadership Qualities You May Not Be Aware You Have

In this life some are born to lead and others to follow, it’s a simple fact and many folks are quite content to be that way. Although we are all born with a blank slate, genetics, conditioning and how we … Continue reading

Avoid these Mistakes when You do Become an Experienced Network Marketer

One thing you must understand when you are in a leadership position is that people look up to you. Your downline probably joined your team because they liked you. It was you that convinced them that what you were offering … Continue reading

Common Mistakes to Avoid For Newbies

There are a number of major mistakes that newcomers to network marketing make and in order to be successful, the issues should be addressed immediately. Know Your Product If you have never used or owned it, how can you possibly … Continue reading

Tips on Choosing a Good Domain Name

Registering a domain name is quick and easy; the problem is a domain names can be chosen on a whim and be totally inappropriate for what you are promoting on your site.  You may choose a nifty play on words … Continue reading

Subdomains for Large Sites – A Good Way to Get Organized

If you build small websites for affiliate, niche or network marketing purposes subdomains are really not of much concern for you, they are really not necessary in these circumstances, but if you want an idea what they are, here is … Continue reading

Network Marketing – Why the Bad Rap?

Network marketing is a very successful business model that has existed for decades and is now a multi-billion dollar industry. Multi-level marketing has gotten a bad rap in recent years and the term MLM is not being used much anymore, … Continue reading

People to Avoid and the Reason Why

When you enter the world of network marketing you must be prepared to spend time with people who eat, sleep and breathe selling. As a newbie you will be fresh bait so you must have the right mindset when dealing … Continue reading

An About Me Page is Part of Self-Branding

While Google bots look for a Privacy Policy on your website, you may be surprised at how many humans will read your About Me page. Whenever I check my stats I am surprised by this, although I really shouldn’t be. … Continue reading

Autoresponders – Handle With Care

When you start making some income and getting large amounts of email from your site, you will need to set up an autoresponder service – especially if you are going to use email as a marketing technique by building a … Continue reading

Network Marketing – Half of the First Word is Work!

Just because you paid your money and got a big box of goodies you can’t just sit back and imagine you have a business. The word business means busy-ness, so now you have to get busy and get on with … Continue reading

How to Obtain Valuable Backlinks to your Site

Driving traffic to your website is an ongoing effort that every website owner must do to become successful. Traffic equals money after all. Millions of websites have been abandoned long ago by their owners and sit out there in cyberspace, … Continue reading

How to Compile an eNewsletter

One excellent way to build a list is by having visitors subscribe to a monthly eNewsletter. They sign up via an opt-in box on your website or blog and the eNewsletter is delivered to their email inbox regularly every month. … Continue reading

How to Start an Effective Blog if you are an Author

If you are an author, by now you probably know that the easiest part was writing your book, the hardest part is getting an agent or publisher to read it. It’s up to you to do a lot of marketing … Continue reading

Logos and Branding – Some Important Points

Brands and logos have become an important part of marketing and recognition within society today. Indeed “self-branding” is one of the latest ideas within the “attraction marketing” arena. Self branding is easy – you normally attach a picture of yourself … Continue reading

How to Generate MLM Leads Online

Just like getting traffic to your website, getting MLM leads is relatively easy. But that is not what you really want is it – you want high quality traffic and leads, and that’s important. Conversion rates will be extremely low … Continue reading

Blog Comments: Tips to Build Backlinks and Traffic

One of the simplest ways to build traffic is to leave comments on DoFollow blogs. In my particular niche I spent an entire afternoon researching the best blogs and forums to comment on. All you have to do is put … Continue reading

Choosing the Right Blog Platform

You may decide you want to start blogging about a particular subject that interests you, or you may choose to blog to make money. Either way you will have to decide which platform is going to be best for your … Continue reading

10 Qualities of a Successful NM Leader

Success in network marketing is as much about your personality as it is about the product you promote. If you are a shy person or do not have leadership qualities, you are going to have a hard time making it … Continue reading

Sales Prospecting – Seven Tips to Remember Daily

No matter how good you are at selling, you are not going to get a 100% conversion rate. The key is to be respectful of other people’s time, be polite and move on. You have probably understood why you didn’t … Continue reading

Personal Branding… I Remember You!

One of the first things that newborn babies recognize is faces, and it is the same as we get older – names are secondary. By self-branding in the online marketing arena, you can get your face out there and become … Continue reading

MLM Training is Often DIY

Most network marketers go into the whole business without a clue of where to start marketing their chosen product. Their initial excitement at the thought of becoming a part of an MLM business soon wears off when they find they … Continue reading

Lead Generation is Easy, Lead Conversion is Harder

You can have the snazziest website and the best product on the planet, but without leads your business will go nowhere. Leads or prospects are the people you hope to sell your product to and have perhaps expressed an interest … Continue reading

Five Ways to Help Achieve MLM Success

As a network marketer you are an entrepreneur, and an entrepreneurial mindset necessarily has to be different from that of people who work a normal 8 to 5 job. Most of them have little hope of achieving higher status in … Continue reading

Is Buying Traffic a Waste of Money?

The aim of driving traffic to your website is primarily to get sales; it’s great to see your visitor stats go up each day but what you really want is qualified traffic that converts. Ten thousand visitors a day will get … Continue reading

To Choose The Best Social Media Platforms For Your Product

Social networking sites, in which blogs and forums should be included, are some of the best ways to get free traffic and backlinks to your site. However, don’t just rush in and join every major social networking there is, you … Continue reading

How To Benefit From Forum Marketing

The word “forum” is often looked at as something akin to a slightly more sophisticated blog – perhaps organized a little better. I much prefer using a good forum as a marketing solution, than a blog, simply because they are … Continue reading

Referrals Require Trust

When I owned a bricks and mortar business I used to get a lot of customers asking if I knew anyone who could do work for them. Because my shop was in a central position within a small community, I … Continue reading

Ten Ways to Better Article Writing

Article writing will not only help your website or blog get traffic, it also provides a way of getting backlinks which are very important in the SERPs (search engine results pages). Since the Google algorithm change at the end of … Continue reading

Learning to Lead with Lead Generation

Depending on the compensation structure of the network marketing company you have joined, you may find that either you do not have to recruit an enormous downline to produce a good income, or on the other hand, you may not … Continue reading

Basic Leadership Qualities

Many people are born leaders; it appears to be an innate quality born out of many different circumstances. Look at the difference in the backgrounds of Abraham Lincoln and John F Kennedy. Lincoln had a humble upbringing filled with grief … Continue reading

Avoid These Common Niche Research Errors!

Choosing the right niche for your business is not an easy task, you should take a considerable amount of time to research your niche and learn how to avoid many of the common mistakes that others do. If you choose … Continue reading

Video Etiquette – Please!

Without a doubt, video marketing is one of an internet or network marketer’s best tools to use for getting his message across. Podcasts and sound recordings came and went – the “radio” era of the internet – and we quickly … Continue reading

How to Deal With “I’ll Think It Over”

You just spent time with a prospective customer and you think everything appears to be going well, when he stands up and says those dreaded words “I’ll think it over.” If you are hearing this a lot from prospects, then … Continue reading

How to SEO and Keep the Bots Happy

Not too many years ago, the web was a haven for graphic designers who would make the most complicated websites, with flash introductions and all sorts of nifty additions, that looked great but did absolutely nothing for the website in … Continue reading

How Much will it Cost You to Make Money?

So many people are looking to supplement or even replace their incomes entirely these days. With the cost of everything going up all the time, what is left over for savings and investment is minimal or non-existent . Some people … Continue reading

What If You Ask “What If?”

“What if we matched our competitor’s price, would you purchase it today?” What if I told you this kind of question should be avoided? My personal response to the above question would be something like “I’ll think about it.” To … Continue reading

Attract Prospects with Attraction Marketing

Have you ever done offline marketing? Perhaps you are still doing it, and have a long list of clients who recommend you to the people they know. Possibly your list of clients and prospects builds daily and building a list … Continue reading

Effective Blog Writing

One of the things that some blog owners fail to do effectively is write articles. They either cannot think of anything to write about, or find that writing anything is difficult. Neither needs to be a daunting task. As you … Continue reading

Follow Up or Fail

The National Sales Executive Association, and association of professional salespeople came up with some very revealing statistics, this is the data they came up with: 1st contact – 2% of sales 2nd contact – 3% 3rd contact – 5% 4th … Continue reading

Creating Compelling Content

Many people find one of the hardest parts of maintaining a website is adding relevant and interesting content regularly, and especially if what they are promoting is not terribly interesting! The only difference between a full-sized article for a website … Continue reading

Keep Your Prospects Warm by Keeping in Touch

It is absolutely essential that you follow up with your clients and prospects, but how you do it depends on whether they are online contacts or offline. In the busy business world people are bombarded with information, and most of … Continue reading

How to Write Copy Persuasively

Top copywriters in the marketing business earn lots of money. If you have ever clicked through to one of those “Make Money in a Minute” ads, you are confronted by garish colors, large fonts and short sharp sentences. Horrible you … Continue reading

Creating a WordPress Subdomain

If you have a website and want to create a blog, you will probably want to install the most popular and easiest to use software, and that is WordPress, which was originally designed for that purpose. Creating a WordPress subdomain is … Continue reading

What is a Subdomain?

Your domain name, or primary address, is the name of your website ‘’, ‘.org’ ‘.net’, or whatever you chose as an extension. A subdomain works off your website name and its name is just another dot extension in front of … Continue reading

Five Easy Ways to Increase Your Blog’s Comments

Blogs by their very nature are a part of social media and need active participation to become successful. A blog can be beautifully designed and be on a subject that should invite active participation, but it doesn’t. It sits out in … Continue reading

Are You A Creative Salesperson?

As an entrepreneur you have learned to wear a lot of hats. Entrepreneurs are what they are to make money, plain and simple, but are you a creative salesperson? Are you keeping up to date with all the latest techniques … Continue reading

Words to Avoid Using in Sales Copy

Writing sales copy is an art, and in the network marketing world people get paid big money for constructing sales letters and advertising copy. Why? Because they understand the psychology of selling and, most importantly, they know what words not … Continue reading

SEO – Vital to any Online Marketing Campaign

Diversity is essential to be successful online today. Having one website is simply not enough. Look at Yes, they do have an all-singing, all-dancing website but by allowing affiliates to market their products, they don’t have to optimize the … Continue reading

Honesty and Social Networking

If you use a personal Facebook or other social media page it is perfectly okay to talk openly to other people, even about controversial things. Sex, politics and religion are regularly thrashed out on these social media pages and is … Continue reading

Ten Points of Interest on Your Marketing Road Trip

If you have just started out network marketing you are no doubt very excited right now.  Perhaps you have already registered your domain name and you are building a website.  You have a million things running through your mind, and you … Continue reading

The Art of Email Marketing

It’s time to look at some effective strategies that will get your emails opened and even looked forward to. Firstly you must ensure that you have peoples’ permission to send them emails. This is easily done by using an opt-in. … Continue reading

How to Increase Your Sign-up List With The Double Opt-in Challenge?

Lately a new thing is happening when you opt-in to receive information or a newsletter, or even when setting up a new account on a website. You receive an e-mail requesting confirmation of your subscription and you normally just click … Continue reading

“Limiting Beliefs” Will Limit Your Success

If throughout your life you have always wanted to be successful but have never achieved your goals, you may be suffering from “limiting beliefs”. These beliefs are deep-seated and reside in your subconscious mind. They are usually placed there in … Continue reading

Multi-Level Marketing – A Business Model with a Problem

Love it or hate it, Robert Kiyosaki, famous for his “Rich Dad” brand series of books and Mark Victor Hansen, who for more than 30 years has helped people reshape their personal vision of what’s possible, both extol the virtues … Continue reading

5 Essentials for Network Marketing Success

Network marketing takes a big investment of time, some money, and a lot of grit. If you have the right frame of mind, network marketing can be a very stimulating and profitable venture to enter into, but you must always … Continue reading

“I Can’t Afford It” Can Mean Many Things

Whenever you have an opening on your team and have put out an ad, you will get three types of people who will respond. People who know nothing about MLM People who know what MLM is and have had a … Continue reading

Recruiting Your Team

Making the right decision about who to recruit can be tough. With the high unemployment rate many people are turning to employment they would never have considered before.  You must remember that network marketing is a job only suited to … Continue reading

The Renaissance of Offline Marketing

One of the latest little niche markets online is actually offline marketing! Strange but true, and if you follow a few rules it can be very rewarding, especially if you are a people person. It is one of the simplest methods … Continue reading

How’s Your SEO Joe

Most of us have a website with one aim in mind: to make a few bucks! When you have found your chosen niche, provided excellent content, and designed the site in a pleasing and navigable way, you’ve done the easy … Continue reading

What it takes to Be a Home-Based Business Entrepreneur

Most people think that being a stay at home entrepreneur is a dream job! Think again.  You have to be very disciplined, a self-starter and be able to understand your own strengths and weaknesses. You are your own manager and … Continue reading

Tips to Avoid Misperceptions in Your Writing

Always be very aware of the people you are writing for – and that would be everybody in the world! Unlike a popular novelist who has a certain edgy style, you are aiming at the simplest way to get your … Continue reading

How To Compare MLM Companies

The Balancing Act To evaluate a network marketing company there are five things to take into consideration, and note that I have not numbered them – there is no number one – they are all of equal importance. The Company … Continue reading

Become One of the Elite and Meet the Right People

Seven Steps to Networking Success Have you ever noticed that there are certain people at events, whether it is a business function or group, who invariably make the right contacts straight away? These functions can often look like a singles’ … Continue reading

Do You Know the 7 Rules of Perception

There is one hard and fast rule that never changes and that is The Rule of Perception. It’s like Einstein’s Theory of Relativity for people.  It doesn’t matter who you are, or what you are trying to achieve, you’ll never … Continue reading

How To Choose The Perfect Domain Name

Choosing a domain name can be simple or extremely difficult, it all depends what you are looking for. Remember, your domain name is a very important part of your branding and should be chosen with that in mind. It should … Continue reading

Don’t Be a Twitter Twit – Six Reasons Why

Whatever kind of business you conduct on the internet, and whether you are a network marketer or an entrepreneur, you are probably using one of the social networking platforms to promote your business. At first, these were designed as social … Continue reading

Attraction Marketing Is Not Collecting a List of Friends

Do you remember when you first started Network Marketing? Your company pitched itself to you, and you swallowed everything they said, hook line and sinker. “We’re the greatest!” they said, and you went running around to everyone you knew, saying … Continue reading

The Power of Attraction Marketing

These are the three traditional ways of off-line selling: Prospecting Cold Calling Advertising to find leads These prospects are then qualified, based on their urgency to buy, and their ability to qualify for credit (if applicable). Then there is a … Continue reading

How to Increase Your Search Engine Ranking – Part II

D. Bots Love Blogs Whatever business or service you have these days you must have a blog. It doesn’t matter what you do, they are now essential marketing tools for any online business. They are one of the most cost-effective marketing … Continue reading

How to Increase Your Search Engine Ranking – Part I

1.  Quality Content Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines rank a website based on the relevance of its content, and also the frequency that content is updated. The length of time a visitor spends on a page is also … Continue reading

Search Engine Optimization for Blogs

Search engine optimization (SEO) for blogs is as important, if not more so, than optimizing a website. Blogs, or web logs, first started out on the internet as a means of personal communication and appeared as online journals (logs).  Search … Continue reading

Optimize Your Website

I like to compare the internet with the Yellow Pages – hundreds of pages with thousands of listings. Now think about the Yellow Pages without alphabetization or page numbers, or an index! Hold that thought and consider the internet. Over … Continue reading

Is Your Network Failing?

Networking events cost companies a lot of money each year. Very often they are not held locally, and the expense of these affairs can be enormous. On the face of it, they are looked upon as an investment, but very … Continue reading

I’m Confused, What Company is This From?

In the good old days, before the internet came along, people started businesses. (Really!)  Once they had decided what they were going to sell, they sat down and puzzled about brand names and company logos. Then they would go off … Continue reading

20 Networking Tips for Shy People

If there isn’t a medical name for shyness, then there should be. It is a crippling trait that can prevent even the most intelligent or attractive people from reaching their full potential.  When we were teenagers a lot of us … Continue reading

Three Ways To Get Good Leads For Your Network Marketing Business

The first thing people are often asked to do when joining a Network Marketing Company is to make a list, and then approach their friends, colleagues and family to talk to them about their new business. Even if you think … Continue reading

Multi Level Madness – Is Online MLM Ruining Network Marketing?

Although there are highly skilled and professional Multi Level Marketers both online and off, there are hundreds of MLMers online who fall into traps set by those who only pretend to be Multi Level Marketers. I refer to them as … Continue reading

How to Implement a Network Marketing Strategy

A solid network marketing strategy is essential to building a successful online business.  Although many top network marketing leaders guard their methods, there are three major components to this, none of which is difficult. It is the same method as … Continue reading

What Is Network Marketing?

Network marketing uses independently operating representatives who can reach potential customers that a company otherwise could not reach with their customary online or offline marketing methods. Network marketing companies recruit their sales forces from associates and individuals just like offline companies … Continue reading

There Are No Secrets (Or Are There?)

You have all seen the networking web sites that promise to have found ”The Secret” of how to get rich, right? You have to sign in, and after that you may see another page claiming the same thing, and then … Continue reading

How Do I Begin My Article Marketing Campaign?

Now we will talk about your Article Marketing Campaign, Keyword Phrases and Written Content. 5 Tips to help you with your Article Marketing Campaign 1.  The standard of written content is very important. Each article you write must provide useful … Continue reading

5 Things Social Media Wont Do – Part III

Social Media Marketing Won’t Let You Turn Off Other Marketing Efforts The correct marketing and advertising mix is unique to each organization. Diversity, as in a stock portfolio, is the key.  Eager clients are often too ready to drop their … Continue reading

5 Things Social Media Wont Do – Part II

Social Media Marketing Won’t Be Easy It will take at least a week of full time work to plan and perfect your strategy.  A large amount of time yes, but the implementation will be an even greater time commitment.  If … Continue reading

5 Things Social Media Wont Do – Part I

Social media marketing is the term used to describe a variety of applications and technologies online that enable people to interact with each other socially.  It has created a platform where brands can communicate with their customers, but must treat … Continue reading

Do You Know the Reasons you Fail? — Part II

Now, we continue the reasons why you might be failing in Network Marketing. More Facts about Network Marketing: Putting blame on others – they blame their upline, the company, the compensation plan, and the product for their failure.  This is YOUR … Continue reading

Do You Know the Reasons you Fail? — Part I

Some Facts about Network Marketing: Over 97% of people who join a network marketing company will fail. The reasons for failing in network marketing are many. Here are just some of the reasons why you may fail over and over. … Continue reading