Blog or Website – Why a Website is Better

You can build a blog with WordPress in under an hour, include articles you’ve written, get your blog indexed and crawled within minutes sometimes, and be off and running. “What’s up with that?” you might say. Nothing, except there are zillions of abandoned and neglected blogs started with good intentions out in cyberspace. Sometimes I think they’re far too easy to build, and way too cheap.

Do a search for “network marketing blog” and you’ll be confronted by – let me check – 254,000,000 results! That’s a hell of a lot of competition. I would love to know how many of those were started and then quickly forgotten and those same abandoned blogs are quickly replaced by more, each owner doing diligent keyword research and competing, if only temporarily, for the same business as you.

You may disagree, but I think that a website is much better than a blog. I’ve built both and blogs are like children, they have to be attended to all the time and fed with fresh content daily. They’re designed to be like online journals or diaries and must continue on, ad infinitum.

Websites are more like books with categories like chapters and they can be finite – once you’ve added everything you can, that’s it.

Whichever you choose is completely up to you but if you’re a network marketer you need to make a decision, you need your own site. You need to establish YOU as a brand online, show your personality, generate traffic and capture leads, lots of leads.

Now, before you start advertising your company’s products on your website, make sure you understand their rules about blogs and websites. You won’t be able to incorporate any of the company’s brand names or trademarks in your domain name and you may not be able to mention your company’s name at all. If they catch you doing something wrong, you will get a letter from their lawyers and if you don’t comply you may lose your business and website completely.

How do you get around all these rules and regulations and still have a successful business website? Easy – take an entirely different approach to marketing your product. If you’re promoting cosmetics, build a website about how to use and apply make-up. If you’re a rep for Pampered Chef you could build a website (or blog) about kitchen design and accessories, or essential tools for the new cook and throw in some recipes for good measure.

Forget your product while you build your site, concentrate on generating traffic and getting regular readers. Your content will generate interest and you can add a lead capture page “Click here to find out which company’s kitchen utensils I used to make this fabulous Baked Alaska”. You get the idea. Add lots of pictures and videos of you using the products but don’t mention who makes them. People will ask.

Another advantage is you can monetize your site with Adsense or related affiliate products – you may actually find you make more from the ads on your site than you do from your network marketing efforts, but earning any extra money is good these days isn’t it?

Construct a good lead capture page that’s invisible to your visitors and when people ask about the products you use, you can send them over to it. Build your list of prospects and build a separate list of general subscribers who haven’t expressed an interest in your MLM opportunity.

Invest in a great autoresponder service, and you now have the basis of an excellent business. Work on marketing your site, building traffic and adding excellent content and one way or another you will start seeing great results within a few months.

How do you feel about the blog-or-website debate? What do you think are the (dis)advantages of either one? Let us know so you can help people make a decision.

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