Blog Comments: Tips to Build Backlinks and Traffic

One of the simplest ways to build traffic is to leave comments on DoFollow blogs. In my particular niche I spent an entire afternoon researching the best blogs and forums to comment on. All you have to do is put “your niche” + “blog” into one of the search engines and it will return a long list of blogs. I was quite surprised at the poor quality of some of the blogs I found. Out of every ten, I only found one that I would even consider participating in! Some were redundant, with hardly any visitors or comments, or the comments were irrelevant to the niche, and it’s amazing how many blogs are not carefully moderated by the owners, meaning that comments like “great blog dude” were allowed to get through along with a backlink to that commenter’s site.

What’s wrong with that scenario? It would be quick to leave short comments like that, and easy to get backlinks. Sure, but Google would assign no relevance to the posts on the blog and it wouldn’t rank high. You want to find blogs with high traffic, because more visitors means more click throughs for you and better qualified visitors.

Google and visitors all want to see quality content, and that includes blog comments. If you can leave an educated and helpful blog comment frequently on a site, then visitors will see your answers and comments and are more likely to click through to your site.

Look for high PR (Page Rank) blog sites. Ranking goes from PR0 to PR9 – Google, Yahoo, Facebook and YouTube are all PR9 sites. The higher the PR blog site you can find and leave your comments and information on, the more credence and ranking points Google gives. This means your ranking will increase more if you are a regular contributor to a PR7 site, than a PR0 site.

Look for CommentLuv sites. Andy Bailey has worked hard on this concept, and by joining the CommentLuv family, you can leave a blog post, and the CommentLuv WordPress plugin has the ability to choose between five to ten other comments you have made, and display those too, creating more interest in what you have to say. A new version has just been released and is recommended.

Once you find high PR blogs that have regular participants, build your credibility by using their RSS feed. That feed will tell you when someone has commented on your comment and you can get straight back to them and continue the conversation. It’s also a good reminder of the blogs you are contributing to, and seeing how active they really are.

Blog owners love regular participants – you are actually adding content to their sites.  Eventually you could be invited to be a regular guest blogger as you become perceived as an expert in whatever the blog is about. A win-win for you and the blog owner that will gather increased traffic for both of you.

One little trick I use for blog commenting is cutting and pasting paragraphs from my site into the blog comments, and perhaps tweaking them a little. It saves time, and you know you have already proofread the material you are using.

Blog commenting can also give you some great ideas for articles for your own site. If members are constantly asking “how do I do this” or “what is this thing for”, write an article about it and send them through to it with a link.

I find blog posting to be fun most of the time, and a learning experience. I recently discovered a new blog and now have a rapport with the owner, who turns out he lives about 30 miles away. There may even be a joint venture discussed over breakfast soon.

If you are not using blogs to get backlinks, which really is the easiest and most enjoyable part of getting tedious backlinks, you should start today.

Has anyone found a way to find high PR blogs quickly, without paying for the privilege? If you enjoy blog commenting – leave us a comment!

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8 Responses to Blog Comments: Tips to Build Backlinks and Traffic

  1. Well, its only possible if black hat technique is used for creating backlinks. Otherwise, normally created backlinks are not considered as black hat.

  2. casandra says:

    I haven’t taken backlinks as something important and I still haven’t tried finding blogs in my niche to socialize. After one year of blogging, I see that this is necessary… :(

    I don’t mind PR. My PR3 blog has a poor traffic. Maybe the CommentLuv plugin could help. I’ll consider installing it. You made me think.

    Thank you for your tips.

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  5. Kathleen Cooley

    Hey Gabriele This is a great article and truly is great timing for me as I am stepping it up on the blogging now. I especially found the part on RSS feed to be helpful I did not know that was a good way to see who was following your comments.
    What are some of your tips on how to incorporate blogging into your schedule so you are doing it everyday?

    • Kat, one of my tips is to write at least 7 blog (I like to write them in Word), and I usually try to get them done over the weekend. I post all the blogs at once on one night and schedule the blogs to post one per day. I have a calendar plugin and can easily keep track that I have covered scheduling a blog from Monday through Friday. I like to have a couple of blogs in the background if I can’t get to write some or any I still can post. Another great tip is to have a ghostwriter write blogs for you. It is a tremendous time saver and there are good ones out there and it doesn’t have to cost you a fortune.
      Thank you for stopping by and lots of success to you,

  6. Brian Gosur says:

    Awesome post Gabriele. This is the type of information that doesn’t get out very often. Probably why there are so many blogs that are not very good ones. You have a very good one her. Keep up the good work.

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