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Seven Steps to Networking Success

Have you ever noticed that there are certain people at events, whether it is a business function or group, who invariably make the right contacts straight away? These functions can often look like a singles’ night out. A room full of strangers with, on the face of it, little in common.  It seems some people just have the knack of making a connection with others and can start to network straight away, while some are just left out hanging out in their own. How do they do it?

Here are seven secrets to becoming more like those elite few.

1. The whole reason behind these meetings is to network and to promote one’s own business, and everyone attending is well aware of that. Just like Joe Public, instinctively a networker does not want to be sold to, so many get themselves into the wrong frame of mind and put up a protective shield. You can’t network properly from inside a bubble! Relax; you are not there to sell anything right now.

2. There are always people at these events who rush into relationships too quickly and with the wrong tactics. Stand behind them and eavesdrop. All you will hear is “I did this” and “I have that”. Me, me, me. These people care nothing about anyone else but themselves, and love the sound of their own voice. If you look at the people he is talking to, watch their body language and their eyes quickly glaze over! He impresses nobody but himself. Do not do this! People will avoid you.

3. Like the song – be happy, don’t worry. Just like at the singles’ night out, there is a lot of personal attraction involved with networking. Nobody wants to talk to a glum, miserable face. You want to hook up with attractive people, and those are the ones that smile, look inviting and have an aura of success.

4. In a room full of strangers who wouldn’t be a little apprehensive? Take the first step with others and you will ease their fears too. Engage in a simple conversation and put their fears at rest. If you do know someone else at the meeting, start some introductions to get the ball rolling, you will look good in their eyes and break the ice.

5. Shake hands warmly, look the other person in the eye, smile and give your name. Warm your hands if they are cold by whatever means you can.

6. Start a conversation with a question, draw the other person in, and look interested. Ask them who they represent and how long they have been with that company. Don’t start a conversation with “I work for” – it sounds like a sales pitch. You may be on the edge of a profitable relationship, be aware of that and make a connection.

7. Collect business cards, always. Jot down a few notes about the person that will remind you about that person. If you meet 50 people in one night, it is going to be difficult to remember who was who. A cell phone is useful for this too, but don’t be obvious, go off to the side to do it. People are always surprised and flattered when you remember something about them, albeit from a brief encounter. Later you can look at your notes and call them.  You may find the perfect referral for him, among your notes.

Meeting people comes naturally to some, study those people and see how they do it.  Those elite few follow the seven steps above. They are attractive, smiling, interesting people who appear to know everyone.  Follow the steps above and you can soon become part of that elite group.

Gabriele Cramer-Knebel
Network Marketing Made E-Z!

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