Avoid these Mistakes when You do Become an Experienced Network Marketer

One thing you must understand when you are in a leadership position is that people look up to you. Your downline probably joined your team because they liked you. It was you that convinced them that what you were offering was a great opportunity, there was money to be made, the product was excellent, etc. So if you start having bad days yourself – keep it to yourself.

If you have problems with anything to do with the company, compensation or product then your complaints should go up and not down. You will destroy your team’s enthusiasm and confidence in you if you complain to them, if they see you’re not happy, it won’t take long for that negativity to spread and before you know it your downline will be drifting away or looking elsewhere for another opportunity.

It doesn’t matter if your downline is built from complete strangers or your close family. Resolve your problems and keep them under your hat. Your downline is really like having a family, each person has his own personality and problems, you’re their parent, and as such you are supposed to know best.

Attrition is going to be enormous, you will find that out, unless you have the keenest perception when you meet prospective members of your downline, there are always going to be those that appear enthusiastic in the beginning, but for many reasons these people fail, either through lack of effort, lack of skills, lack of training or their circumstances change and they decide that network marketing is not for them. Don’t add to this ongoing problem by suddenly showing negative tendencies, it will only increase the amount of people that leave your team. Even if you are so fed up with something that you feel you don’t really care – you should, your downline is relying on you.

Don’t Bite off Too Much

If you are going through a period of great success, then that’s good, but don’t stretch yourself or your finances too thin. If you have advertised your opportunity on the internet and you are getting a great response from certain areas, a successful network marketer may decide to hold a rally in another state. Rallies can cost a lot of money. You will know exactly how much it’s going to cost you for the facility, your flight and expenses etc. but there is one factor that you may not be able to calculate and that’s the amount of people who are going to show up.

Although people promise to do things, you know that often this doesn’t pan out. Those who figure they can bring half a dozen other interested parties along with them may not bring anyone. You should always underestimate the amount of people who have promised to come. If you get a poor turnout it will look bad to those who do turn up, and subsequently have a negative effect on your wallet.

Stick to the System

If your company is well established and has gone international, that’s probably because they have a system that works. Some network marketers who are on the road to success, suddenly come up with the idea that they “know better” and start inventing ways that they think will help them do better. As the leader of a large downline, remember that these people have initially been trained by you in the company’s successful system. If they see you going off at a tangent, the danger is they may follow your lead.

You may be earning enough to afford to make a huge mistake, but the chances are they are not. When you see that your new ideas are not going to work, you can get back on track, but most in your downline may not be able to. They will blame you and lose confidence.

Always be there for your “Family”

In internet marketing and especially network marketing I see experienced people who simply forget that newcomers don’t know what they know. You should always make yourself available to your downline; the newbies are going to need to get answers. Just like children you will have to hold their hand through the first few months, and many will fall by the wayside, normally because they don’t see big results quickly, they are not cut out for network marketing, or worse, they don’t put sufficient effort into their business to get good results. You should be there to encourage and mentor all your downline members at all times. Give them value and you will get value in return.

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