Attraction Marketing Is Not Collecting a List of Friends

Do you remember when you first started Network Marketing? Your company pitched itself to you, and you swallowed everything they said, hook line and sinker.

“We’re the greatest!” they said, and you went running around to everyone you knew, saying “Buy this! It’s the greatest!” Were you met by blank stares and a shaking head?  When you look back at that, don’t you feel embarrassed? It was as if your company had brain-washed you, and every peck of common sense in your head had disappeared!

“You can do it,” they said, “it’s so easy!” You called all your friends and family and went banging on your neighbors’ doors (probably at dinner time), just like your company told you to do. You became a nuisance.

Did your company ever mention the words “qualified prospect”? No, thought not. How many of your friends and family signed up with you? Probably a few that felt sorry for you! It was probably the easiest way for them to get you to go away and leave them alone for a while.

Then what happened? After a few weeks, or days, these people would get back in touch with you and they canceled. They came to you, because you were their first contact and you had failed to tell them the correct process for them to cancel. They knew nothing of back offices, downlines and uplines.

You stuck with it? Good for you. Obviously you learned quickly that the friends and family approach is not attraction marketing. You can rarely sell to people who don’t want or have a need for something. That isn’t Network Marketing that is simply forcing yourself on people!

Your company has a good product, you signed up after all. You have faith in that product, now what? The friends and family list was a dud, now what do you do?

You enter the world of attraction marketing.

You have a desirable product. Stop chasing people, let them come to you, but in order to get those people to your door you have to target the right market, and use your hard-earned skills to do so.

Friends and family are going to be the last people to join your network. Why? Because only after they have seen your success, and your upward change in lifestyle, will they become interested.

When you first knocked on their door, they would have thought “what’s in it for me?” Now they can see the benefits plainly – your offer has a perceived value to them.

Learn the basics of attraction marketing and leave them out, for now…

Gabriele Cramer-Knebel
Network Marketing Made E-Z!

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