Attract Prospects with Attraction Marketing

Have you ever done offline marketing? Perhaps you are still doing it, and have a long list of clients who recommend you to the people they know. Possibly your list of clients and prospects builds daily and building a list comes easy for you.

To many it is very hard to attract good qualified prospects to their list, there is a definite art to it, and if you are successful offline, is it possible to apply the same methods that you attract prospects offline to an internet marketing or network marketing scenario?

It certainly is. The reason you, or anyone else is successful offline is because you use the power of attraction marketing. It basically starts with a smile and a handshake and ends with a sale. You answer your prospect’s questions, call them to see if you can help and you give your prospective customer whatever he wants to make that sale, without bugging or pressuring him.

It’s exactly the same online, but because of the enormous competition (and the fact that you can’t smile and shake a prospect’s hand), it is somewhat more difficult, but most of the principles apply just as well.

Good manners and respect should always be remembered. Online marketers call their list of prospect “their list” and it is all too easy to forget that these are real people, real prospects who also should be treated with respect. Treat each name and email address as a valuable asset.

You wouldn’t dream of calling your prospect every day offline with nothing to say, so why would you send useless and uninformative emails to online prospects, or post articles that tell them nothing and waste their time!

When you start out using the attraction marketing method online, you firstly have to forget all about sales and making money. Yes really. Of course it’s in the back of your mind, but the first thing you should set out to do is make friends.

You should also know your product and service inside out, so that when people ask you questions you can give a helpful answer back. Look at the internet as a seething mass of people, all looking for answers and information, and if you can repeatedly help someone, they will come back to you and hopefully bring their friends.

Why do you visit your favorite websites and forums? Because they give you what you want in the way of information, and maybe in due time, because you like the way they have treated you, eventually you will purchase something from them.

On the internet you are one lonely figure amongst hundreds of millions of other faceless names, so you must get out there and make a name for yourself – brand yourself – get your face, your name, and your product or service out there, little by little, and in that order.

It is going to take time and hard work but by using attraction marketing, you will become known and respected – the go-to guy for whatever your product or service is.

Maintain your blog or website regularly with useful and interesting articles, build your list of prospects and treat them with respect. Make your emails informative, get your face known and people will become attracted to you, just like in the offline world.

Put the interests of your customers first and the sales will follow.

How is attraction marketing working for you? Have you always followed these principles?  If not, and you have recently changed how you do things, is it working for you?

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2 Responses to Attract Prospects with Attraction Marketing

  1. Donna Abreu says:

    Yes, Attraction Marketing really works!
    Donna Abreu recently posted…CRITICAL! The Internet is Killing YOUR Business Webinar InviteMy Profile

  2. Kathleen Cooley says:

    Excellently Said! So very true, so often we forget we are dealing with real people and they have real needs and real ideas about what they want and need. Being on the internet has a serious down side too, you make a person in a land business mad and they may tell a few family and friends, but online a mad prospect is gonna tell the whole world and it will stay around forever!
    Kathleen Cooley recently posted…Simple Things to Remember- To trip up the tripstersMy Profile

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