Are You Afraid of Something?

You want to be successful right? Then I hope you never suffer from the fears and self-doubts that many small business owners are afflicted with.

Most fears that people have are firmly entrenched in our psyches and were put there during our childhood. I often find that the most successful people had ideal childhoods; their parents were always there to help and encourage them in everything they did. They grew up to be confident and fearless professionals and businesspeople. Of course there are always exceptions, but in an ideal world everybody’s childhood would be like that. Unfortunately it just isn’t so.

My own childhood was not ideal, my father died when I was young and my mother basically lost interest in me and nothing I ever did was good enough. By the time I got to my early teenage years, I had no confidence, no self-esteem and worse, I believed I was not good at doing anything!

There are many kinds of fears that network marketers can suffer from. If it’s the fear of talking to people then you’re definitely in the wrong business! But it may be a lesser fear, such as being afraid of picking up the phone and cold calling, the fear of closing a potential customer, or the fear that people won’t like you (which is the lack of self-confidence). One of the worst fears in network marketing can be a mounting fear of failure. This is often reinforced by hearing the word “No” on too many occasions. The solution to that fear is to work on your closing techniques.

The fear of success is the most unfathomable fear of all but many people suffer from it without even knowing it. We all have the potential to be successful in network marketing; all the tools are readily available. We have helpful sponsors, we follow the most successful heavy hitters in the business and implement everything they say and do, the products we promote are excellent, but some are still not successful.

Fear is crippling especially if you truly want to have a successful business. One of the only ways to overcome certain fears, and definitely the fear of success, is to get help from a professional who specializes in personal development. There are many excellent professionals who can be found online, find their blogs and get on their e-mail lists and choose one who you like and think will be able to help you.

I know some very successful people who have spent years studying personal development. I know others who talk to a psychiatrist regularly too. For them failure is not an option and they will do whatever it takes to overcome their fears.

Invest in yourself and overcome your fears. Sometimes you can discover tips that will help you overcome minor fears easily. Before you pick up the phone to cold call someone there may be a simple phrase you can say to yourself that helps, even if it’s “I CAN do this!”

Dispelling ingrained fears can be difficult but not impossible in most cases. If you’re afraid of doing something because you don’t know how to do it properly, that’s silly – find the proper training and educate yourself. If it’s a paralyzing fear that stops you from moving ahead with your business, then you will definitely benefit from some professional help.

Have you ever had a fear of doing something that you knew was holding your business back? How did you overcome that fear?

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