An About Me Page is Part of Self-Branding

While Google bots look for a Privacy Policy on your website, you may be surprised at how many humans will read your About Me page. Whenever I check my stats I am surprised by this, although I really shouldn’t be. Humans are curious creatures and they look for trust, especially in the vast World Wide Web, where it seems that everyone is selling something.

If you use WordPress, the page is already created for you with an example to get you started. Remember you are trying to make your expertise stand out above your competitors and you can’t beat a smiling photograph of yourself right at the top. If you have a family-type online business, then go ahead and add a photo of you and your family with the dog. If your site is more business oriented then a smiling picture of you in smart attire will impress.

When visitors click on your About Me page, try to entertain them a little, tell them why you do what you do and add some background information that’s all that’s really necessary. Just don’t bore the pants off them. Visitors will be happy to find something that you have in common, it’s just like going to a party and introducing yourself and it may be the start of a long relationship.

Blogging is in essence a slice of the whole web 2.00 social experience, it’s interactive. Look at Facebook, I doubt you would Friend a person who has an avatar instead of a photo.

I change my About Me page sometimes, because I realize I have left out some important points. I failed to mention that I was born in another country, which was silly because on that particular blog I was selling products that could be purchased here in the US, and just as easily on the other side of the pond. I really don’t mind if someone comments that they like the town I lived in, it’s another way to interact, and just like in any offline sales situation, you must interact to gain trust.

If your blog is about a home business you have, then tell your readers why you started it – you know someone will connect there. Whatever your site is about, your About Me page is all part of self-branding, so be reasonably concise and try to lead your reader through to another page via internal links.

If you can make people laugh that’s another plus, just don’t say anything that might upset anyone.

If you are handy with a camera you could also add a short video about yourself, no longer than three of four minutes, but do add a transcript of what you are saying alongside the video, as there are some folks who still don’t care to watch things. Besides, a video will keep your visitor on your About Me page longer, and that always counts well in Google’s eyes. The longer they stay, the lower the bounce rate and the better for moving you up through the ranks.

Well over a quarter of the bandwidth used online is now occupied by video and the prediction is that the proportion will soon be over 80%, so it’s a nice addition to an About Me page.

Have you any other tips for creating an effective About Me page? We would love to hear from you.

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