Amateur Facebook Marketing – It’s All Too Obvious

I’ve subscribed to a number of sites about network and internet marketing, and have also purchased my fair share of Guru courses on NM and IM. Social media marketing is treated as a quick addendum or afterthought to many of these products. By just adding a Facebook and Twitter button to your site they say, that’s pretty much it. That leads people to believe that Facebook marketing just happens, and after you get a certain amount of Fans you’re going to be rolling in dough.

The truth of it is that Facebook marketing could be the subject of an entire mini-course in itself and unfortunately Facebook is packed full of people who are doing it wrong. They don’t last long, but are soon replaced by yet another batch of people who also do it wrong.

So How Can You Market Successfully on Facebook?

Firstly you have to remember that Facebook is social media – a place where people interact and talk to each other about their lives, their families and what they like and dislike. They share interesting things with their friends and talk.

Having a business page on Facebook is no different. It all revolves around communicating with people first, showing them that you have something interesting to say and letting them know that you know what you’re talking about. You build trust.

Transparency is extremely important. Just like you wouldn’t make Friends with John Doe who never says anything interesting, and hides behind an avatar or a picture of a pint of beer, you’re definitely not going to become a Fan of a company that does the same thing.

Be open, be transparent and be you. Products don’t sell products, people sell products.

Build Relationships

Build your fan base and keep them engaged. Post pictures of you and your product or service, encourage people to participate, and answer questions promptly. That doesn’t mean you have to spend 24 hours a day on Facebook – it should only be a small part of your marketing strategy. When you get known and start earning some money, then you could consider doing some paid advertising on Facebook. Create a buzz and a following first, or you will end up spending money that could be better invested in your business elsewhere.

If others are promoting the same product as you are on Facebook, track them down; don’t treat them as the enemy. See what they’re doing, decide what they are doing right or wrong and go off and emulate what they’re doing right, but do it your way.

Just like in the real world it takes time to make friends with people and it’s going to take time for you to build a Fan base. After a couple of weeks and a fan base of 50 you may be tempting to start pushing your product. Don’t, it will be a very quick turn off and you’ll be back at square one, with a bad reputation.

Some people make a great living from social media marketing, and with well over 700 million subscribers you do have a great opportunity to build a profitable business. Just remember that those successful marketers have probably had much more experience than you. They know the psychology behind it all and they may have even got a Business degree under their belts.

Study what the experts do and say about Facebook marketing before you jump in and fall flat on your face.

Have you had success with Facebook Marketing? Let us know how you went about it and what big mistakes others are making.

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