About Gabriele

My Name is Gabriele Cramer-Knebel, I am in my fifties and a WAHG (Work At Home Grandmother), wife and mother.

I am a German, born in former East Germany but was lucky enough to grow up in West Germany in Villingen. I came to the US for a vacation and met my wonderful husband 27 years ago and I’m still here.

I worked for more than 10 years in the telecommunications field as a Q&A Test Engineer but lost my job in 2003 due to company closure and then again in 2005 due to outsourcing. After that, I decided to take some time off before going through more interviews in my field.

By the time I had to look for a new job, I fell in love with my freedom and was very reluctant to go back to a 9 to 5 position. Through a family friend, who suggested I may like doing network marketing, I thought I could jump right into it and in and a couple of weeks the money would just rain down like mad. I was in for a wakeup-call. I did not succeed in getting any leads and didn’t know how to talk to people, let alone, I stuttered around answering questions. I felt like a total failure. I got discouraged but was not willing to give up that easy. I had no idea what I got myself into and had no understanding on how to do the marketing biz.

After that I went on the Internet and searched about information on Network Marketing, MLM, and Home Businesses. A couple of months later I was so confused about the whole biz. One Network Marketer wrote to do ‘this and that’, another Network Marketer wrote, if you do ‘that’ it’s just a waste of time, you have to do ‘that and this’ and so on. What was I supposed to do? I wanted to be successful and do it the right way.

Now, that I have worked in the network marketing business for a while, I know how hard it can be to get the business started. My goal is to help you succeed in your network marketing businesses no matter if you have been working for years, are just starting, or have not decided yet, but need to learn what network marketing is all about.