A Home-Based MLM Business and the Art of Conversation

Multi-level marketing is often known as network marketing, and by networking you will encounter potential prospects every day. One important thing is knowing how to converse with them effectively without seeming pushy or boring.

Many people just don’t get it – to be successful in MLM they’re just going to have to learn the art of conversation.

You’re going to make contact with people either face-to-face or on the phone if you marketing off-line. Your conversations have to be effective yet friendly, reasonably short and precise, while giving your prospect a good idea of your personality and time to ask questions.

How to Murder Your Prospects

The worst thing you can do is to start a conversation with someone in completely the wrong environment. Trying to corner somebody who is obviously distracted and busy doing something else is ridiculous. Part of the art of conversation is knowing the right moment to start talking. Although human beings think they can multitask, it’s a scientific fact that the human brain can only concentrate fully on one thing at a time. I know this is true because if the television is on I can tell my husband anything knowing full well he’s not listening! So if somebody is absorbed doing something else it doesn’t matter what it is, don’t even go there.

The best way to approach somebody about your business opportunity is to talk generally about something else first and lead into it, don’t jump in with both feet. If you do, people will think you’re either a nutcase or a nuisance.

You Have One minute to Explain Your Business Opportunity, Starting Now!

If you’ve ever heard of the “elevator pitch” you should try it yourself at home with a recorder or your own phone. Could you condense what you have to say about your business in 30 seconds or less without being totally obnoxious or pushy? It’s very difficult, but in order to do the elevator pitch effectively you must know everything about your business, your product, your opportunity and everything else that you want to throw into that 60-second conversation, leaving time for the other person to contribute as well. If you can generate interest in one minute, offer a business card and get a call back then you get a PhD in Conversation Arts!

Another word for conversation is exchange. One person listens, the other person talks. If you don’t know how to listen it soon becomes obvious. Part of a conversation should be answering the other person’s questions and letting him know how you can help him in his particular situation. If you’re not listening you’re not going to hear those questions, and if you’re just blithely babbling on without letting the other person get a word in edgewise, then you’re not having a conversation.

You also have to learn how to control a conversation. If you’re talking about your business and your prospect keeps turning the conversation to his new car then you’ve either caught him at the wrong time and you should try again some other time. It takes a skilled conversationalist to be able to get the conversation back on track, but with practice it can be done. Otherwise don’t waste your time.

People tend to talk less in this digital age. Everyone communicates online or via text messages. By practicing good conversation you can actually stand out from other people because you’ll be considered interesting (or weird by younger people!) If you need some practice find someone else in network marketing and get together – it could be a lot of fun.

Having a conversation with people these days can be difficult – their phones are ringing or they’re always busy. Do you have your own techniques for engaging people you don’t know in conversation that you could share with us?

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