80/20 Rule – What is this about and Why is it so Important?

How this Strange Rule Prevails in Network Marketing

question_mark_thinker_text_10746If you’ve ever heard of the 80/20 rule you probably shrugged it off as a kind of Old Wives’ Tale but if you take the time to look into it you will see that this bizarre rule is prevalent within many kinds of business. 20% of your inventory will make 80% of your profits. 20% of football players are responsible for getting their teams 80% of the points scored. 20% of a network marketer’s team will bring home 80% of the bacon.

It’s not an exact rule of course, there may be a few percentage points’ variation either way in different scenarios but overall it’s pretty darned accurate.

80% of Business will always be won by 20% of team members.

Now that’s not to say that the SAME 20% of the team will always get 80% of the business.

There will always be a few core members who have more contacts, better powers of persuasion, more time to spend on their business and have personalities better suited to network marketing. Some will start out slow and improve, while others will give up if they don’t succeed immediately. That’s simply human nature.

We’ve seen many promising Heisman Trophy winners fade into insignificance for a number of reasons, like poor coaching or they simply can’t make the cut when it comes to playing with the big boys, while about 20% of those winners continue to grow, flourish and succeed, eventually becoming household names.

For people who feel like they’re part of the 80% that will never get anywhere, there is hope. The hierarchy or pecking order in business is dynamic and constantly changing. While you will probably never become CEO of the company, in network marketing there’s a darned good chance you can make just as much money as he does.

Who cares about a fancy title anyway?

The Will to Succeed in Network Marketing

The one thing that is equal for all newcomers to network marketing is that they all get the same opportunity to succeed and once they realize that and acknowledge this simple fact the goal will appear a lot closer.

The key to success in Network Marketing is to emulate what the core of that 20% does to succeed. Learn everything you can about the business and your company, go to conferences, and take all the training you possibly can. Success in network marketing is simply learning a system that works for that 20% so you can quickly become one of that elite group.

No more waiting years for promotion and a measly pay raise, in Network Marketing you can set your own financial goals and reach them at your own pace.

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80/20 rule

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80/20 rule

80/20 rule
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2 Responses to 80/20 Rule – What is this about and Why is it so Important?

  1. Yes, I also think the 80/20 rule does make sense. Would love to know more about your visions. They interest me. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Kat Cooley

    Never thought of the 80/20 rule like that before, my version is when you are marketing/blogging have 80% value or content and 20% call to action. What you are saying does make sense though. Great Post!

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