5 Tips for Building a Successful MLM Business

So many people are starting their own small businesses these days and many through absolute necessity. If they have a job they are struggling to make ends meet, and if they don’t have a job the pressure is on to find another way to earn an income.

Unfortunately any kind of online marketing takes time, and that’s if you get everything right the first time! There are too many people online who tell you if you do this, this and this, you’ll be making money in a couple of days. That isn’t going to happen unless you already have a red hot list of leads or you are incredibly lucky. Success comes from that 4-letter word WORK when you are starting your own business and by following a proven system.

There are a few tips below that can help you get started in your MLM business the right way.

1. You Will Not be Making a Full Time Living any Time Soon

That’s the bad news. The good news is there are more opportunities than ever to start a successful MLM business. With the internet everything is possible. Your audience is infinite, but the trick is to find the people that want your product among all those millions of people. It really is a fantastic opportunity, but if you don’t have the persistence to keep working through all the many days in the beginning when you don’t make one red cent, then you are going to be bitterly disappointed. Those who fail invariably blame the business model and not themselves.

Many veterans in the MLM business grabbed the opportunity to take their business online when the internet was in its infancy. They created enormous wealth for themselves but unfortunately many of them still think the playing field is the same. It isn’t. Competition is fierce and you have to work hard to get established.

2. Leave Your Friends and Family until Later

So many people in the MLM business still carry on about the “friends and family plan.” If you have thousands of friends and a wealthy family, you could possibly get a few sales. Personally I believe in leaving them out of your business until you have achieved some measure of success. Let them approach you, and when you are successful, they will want to know why you are doing so well.

No, what you are going to need is a growing list of qualified, targeted leads who really are interested in your opportunity. You don’t want to alienate anyone you are close to. Besides, there is an old saying about never doing business with friends and family, it’s true, when things go wrong it all becomes too personal.

3. It’s all About You (Not Your Business)

You’ve met them. They get in your face at every opportunity and won’t stop talking about their fantastic MLM opportunity and why you should join. You could care less, and wish they would go away. Too many new MLMers are so hyped up about their company and their new business they simply don’t know when to stop. If you are crazy enough to give them your email address or phone number, they won’t leave you alone. You get an email that basically says me, me, me and buy, buy, buy every day, until finally you unsubscribe or send everything to the spam can.

They still have a great product, the problem is them. They should be trying to attract people not repel them! They are quite right to be enthusiastic, but their enthusiasm will wane fast if they don’t attract people to themselves first and their product thereafter. The first thing they should consider is “what can I do for this person” not “what can I do for me.”

4. Join a Leader, Not a Company

Good leaders in any business breed success. They are constantly trying to help people get better, and that’s the way it should be with your upline. If it’s obvious that the person who is trying to recruit you is just going through the motions, then you will never get anywhere, and he will probably disappear after a while.

On the other hand, if he has a system that is obviously working for him, then he is going to be only too happy to pass that system on to his down line. It’s just that simple. He’s the kind of person that hands you a list of great leads because he has so many he can’t handle them all. He will also be the one to tell you that you have to learn how to generate your own leads and he will be glad to show you how he does it. He will be your best friend until you build your own team on his model.

5. Stick to a System that Works

Following on from the point above, you will see that the most successful leaders have formulated a system and they will advise you to stick with it. If you see him deviating from this system, don’t be tempted to start making up your own. Once you are well versed with one system and making some income, only then should you go off and experiment with your own ideas. You have to learn everything there is to know about your product, your company and how to generate qualified leads first. Once you have that running on autopilot, then you can try other things. If you have what you think is a great idea, ask your up line first. Chances are they can advise you, or they’ll tell you not to waste your time. Listen – they’ve been there.

A good system will build a solid foundation for your business.

Do you agree and is there anything else you could add to this, in order to help someone just starting out? Let us know by leaving a comment.

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