5 Things Social Media Wont Do – Part II

Social Media Marketing Won’t Be Easy

It will take at least a week of full time work to plan and perfect your strategy.  A large amount of time yes, but the implementation will be an even greater time commitment.  If you are going to cover the major social media outlets – Facebook, Twitter and a blog, time expended will probably add up to between fifty and eighty hours a month.  YouTube can be even more time consuming if you are going to regularly post quality videos with interesting content.

To produce a YouTube video, you will needs actors, a director, a scriptwriter and technical staff, just like a television show.  If you think of your social media marketing efforts as an on-going television series, then you will be in the right mind-set.  As with any TV show, the viewer’s attention must be maintained, so he keeps coming back.  If the plot gets boring or the acting becomes dull, your viewer will flip to something else. Remember, it is just as easy to hit an unsubscribe button, as it is to change a channel.  One of the great advantages of social media marketing is that you will get instant feedback from your audience, so you must plan the next move accordingly.

Social Media Marketing Won’t Make a Bad Brand Good

If you are a great company with great products, social media marketing can only enhance your sales and profits, as long as you are consistent and follow your strategy.  On the other hand, if your brand is struggling and you don’t understand why, social media will very quickly reveal what it is about your product that the general public doesn’t like.  Be prepared, build your strategy accordingly, and pay attention.

Domino’s Pizza did just that. The consensus was that their pizza tasted “like cardboard.”  The company quickly took that knowledge and used it to their advantage, producing a YouTube video entitled “The Pizza Turnaround”. At the beginning of the video, they even show random comments such as “boring,” “bland”, “mass-produced…” and “microwave pizza tastes better.”  They used what they learned to their advantage and to date have had three-quarters of a million viewers, who also told their friends.

Domino’s Pizza is now the recognized world leader in pizza delivery.

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Gabriele Cramer-Knebel
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