5 Steps to Successful Online Network Marketing

5 Steps to Successful Online Network Marketing

If you read our article on the 80/20 Rule and you break this equation down you could say that one fifth of your online marketing effort is going to earn you the majority of your income money while the other 4/5ths of your work doesn’t seem to do much at all.

With online marketing you have to include all those fifths to create a whole. Some weeks you may see increased traffic and sales from your social media efforts. Next week you may get good results via the search engines. A Pay-Per-Click campaign (PPC) could attract some hot prospects during another week. A free eBook you’re giving away may give you a big traffic boost a month later. One of your articles or videos may create a buzz – you just never know.

So what are those 5 crucial ingredients you need to include when trying to build a successful online business (apart from hard work and enthusiasm)?

Although we’re going to list all 5 steps, each is equally important as the other. It’s like baking a cake, you can’t leave anything out.

1. Content

Network marketing in itself isn’t such an interesting subject, so if you’re going to write articles and add videos about your network marketing experiences your content must be captivating, interesting and informative. You should use your own unique perspective to solve other people’s problems and you can do this using different techniques at specific stages along your marketing funnel. Enthuse everything you do with your personality and make everything you do valuable to your reader.

The written word is not enough online any more. You’ll need to use video, pictures, charts, newsletters, emails, podcasts and regular blogging to achieve the results you want. You can progress to live webinars and then step offline to do live events.

Creating all that excellent content will bring you

2. Traffic

Traffic simply means visitors to your site and the more people you can encourage to come and see what you have to say, the more sign-ups and sales you will make.

In the beginning you won’t have any visitors, but there are a number of techniques you can use to get visitors to your site. As traffic increases, and if you have a basic grasp of SEO especially the use of unique keywords, the search engines will take notice and your site will score points. You’ll quickly see it rising from the bowels of the SERPs (search engine results pages) to somewhere nearer the top, and you’ll attract more traffic and you can start building an extensive

3. List

Few if any first time visitors to your site are going to sign up and join your team or buy anything. By creating great content and encouraging those visitors to keep returning, they will at some point add their email address to your mailing list.

Don’t start a website without adding an opt in box so people can sign up. Email lists are extremely valuable to any network marketer.

List quality is also very important and you should always aim to get names on your list from people who are serious about joining your downline or purchasing your product. If you only paid a few cents for an opportunity list from a wholesaler, chances are those names are going to be stone cold. If you get sign ups from your very active Facebook Page, then they will probably be better. If your product has been recommended by a famous marketer then those prospects will definitely be hot.

By staying in touch with visitors on a regular basis, via email or newsletter you build trust. They may not be ready to sign up today, but one day they possibly will and become

4. Conversions

If you’ve created excellent content, given away free eBooks to get people onto your list, spent time on social media promoting your product and opportunity, and made every effort to drive an increasing number of visitors to your site but you’re still not converting as many prospects into downline members or sales, then you must look at what’s not working.

People won’t do a darned thing if they’re not told to!

You may have to improve your copywriting skills, and learn to be more persuasive by using different words. You want people to read and click on your ads, so you have to learn the right words that will make them do that. Then, when they join your list, you have to learn how to title your emails and write content that entices them to read all the way to the end and TAKE ACTION.

It’s like taking your visitor’s hand the first time she steps onto your website. You guide her through the whole process effortlessly by using the right words, with a liberal sprinkling of your personality thrown in of course. You want her to look forward to your next post, email or newsletter, and you want her to trust you.

5. Monetization

Once you understand your target market you will understand your prospects’ needs. You’re not going to get rich overnight but you can monetize in such a way that you can have some kind of income coming in as you build your business. The best way to do this is by joining an affiliate program and offering things that your target market wants, or better still, offer your own products.

To many people this can sound scary but you can quickly increase your zero income to $500+ a week by doing personal consultations or offering your own personal information products for sale. They must be good though, with plenty of value for the reader. That way you can continue to build credibility and trust.

It will be a grind at first but if you follow those 5 steps you will have the core ingredients for building a very successful online business. Once you get the impetus going, your traffic numbers will grow, your list will expand rapidly and your income should start increasing

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