5 Fundamentals of Social Media for Network Marketers

One of the most recent local “crazes” has been social media marketing. You can always tell when something new comes along, there’s a big buzz and then the so-called gurus crawl out of the woodwork trying to sell you things that they claim will make social media marketing “quicker”, “easier” and you’ll make thousands of dollars overnight. Thank goodness that’s mostly over with. I just dread to think what’s going to be next!

Google itself has just jumped on the bandwagon with the Google Plus circles idea. Obviously if Facebook has 700 million-plus fans, then Google sees itself as being left out of the market place. Google is primarily a marketing company; it earns billions of dollars in revenue from its advertisers every year. They had to do something, all their previous efforts failed miserably!

Facebook definitely isn’t perfect; it has many flaws that annoy lots of people. When I first joined I was delighted to be able to interact with my friends from all over the world. I’ve never really taken much notice of the advertising on there and still don’t. I don’t go there to shop, or join network marketing opportunities but nonetheless many people are making great money from advertising on Facebook, either through paid advertising or via their own Facebook business pages. (It’s a good idea to build a stand alone Facebook page for your business, rather than integrate your business with pictures of you half drunk in a bikini on the beach, you can also have unlimited subscribers).

That being said, if you want to make a success of advertising your business on Facebook, or any other social media site for that matter, you have to follow exactly the same rules as outside on the internet in general. Unless your name is Amazon.com or another major online shopping venue, you are going to have to work hard to promote your business in either location.

Being a social venue, the key is to be sociable and build relationships with people. This can be time-consuming and it’s always a good idea to keep track of how much time you are spending on Facebook and if you get some success, figure out if the hours you have spent are worth it. Many people are finding out that their time is better employed outside of social media. If people are not there to shop, you going to have to spend a long time convincing people that you are trustworthy and you know what you’re talking about.


This means giving value for value. If you give me your email address, I would expect to give you something of value in return, it’s part of the trust-relationship-building part of social media marketing. Sending messages containing links to your product either via email or posting junk on blogs is not going to give you any kind of significant return. I don’t know why some people are wasting their time. I get junk comments on my blogs every day of the week. Some of it’s spun and most is completely incomprehensible. It all gets deleted, they get no back link. Now if someone takes the time to write something I consider useful to my readers, they get their back link and I get some additional content for my site. Simple.

Spam Stinks!

Same on Twitter if someone Tweets you, it’s only good manners to return the favor. But sending out a Tweet about your awesome product every five minutes will leave people stone cold and possibly angry. Again it’s a waste of time, just as much as sending out a Buy Me email every day to subscribers. Offer them something useful for free, don’t bombard people with links to sales videos and squeeze pages, or they will soon unsubscribe.

If you offer something for free, such as an eBook or short training course, then people will become interested. The upside of social media marketing is that when you go that extra step, happy subscribers, visitors, fans – whatever – will tell all their friends about it. They are doing your network marketing for you essentially. Of course your ultimate aim is to sell your product or opportunity but once people see that you are a helpful and knowledgeable person they will come to you to look for answers to their problems. When they see how successful you are becoming, that’s when the financial flood gates will open. It just takes time and persistence.

Keep building relationships and eventually many will buy your primary product, sign up and tell others. You have by then built a substantial list, so you see the potential here? Most importantly, these people you have built a relationship are the best kind of leads you need – they are hot and pre-qualified and ready to take the next step.

Have you had success with social media marketing for your network marketing business? Please leave a comment and help others decide.

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