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Leaders – What are the basic attributes of these guys and gals

Tweet What Makes A Good Leader Attributes of a Leader The first keyword that I want to discuss today is “leaders“. Who do you think is a leader? Can you define the core attributes and personality traits of a leader? … Continue reading

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Gurus – Avoid Most at All Costs

Tweet Don’t Keep Buying Bright Shiny Objects! I have to hand it to some of these marketing gurus; they know how to market their own stuff. They intentionally set out to attract people who are new, na├»ve or struggling by … Continue reading

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How to Ensure your Content isn’t Stolen

Tweet Protect yourself from Article Thieves! You may find writing easy. You sit down every day and bash out a few great articles for your website, the odd eBook and some blog posts and the occasional guest post. But some … Continue reading

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