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The ABC of Prospecting

Tweet A prospect is “somebody or something with potential” and finding those somebodies with potential is probably one of the most important parts of building a successful network marketing business. Being able to prospect on the fly as in situational … Continue reading

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What is This Thing Called Prospecting?

Tweet The Encarta dictionary has a number of definitions for the word prospecting. I think this one is the most relevant to network marketing: a chance or the likelihood that something will happen in the near future, especially something desirable … Continue reading

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Starting Your Own Business – Why MLM Makes Sense

Tweet __________________________________ If you’re a sociable person and already involved in network marketing you probably make a point of talking to many people. I know that my life is very different to people who work regular jobs. Although I stick … Continue reading

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Developing the “You” Brand in Your Network Marketing Business

Tweet There will be hundreds, possibly thousands of people online in the network marketing business trying to promote the same product and opportunity that you are. So how can you develop a system of marketing that will make you stand … Continue reading

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Your 7-Day Program to Stress Management

Tweet Stress isn’t good for you. The occasionally bout of panic may spur you to complete a project on time, but being under stress during your entire working week is definitely not a good thing. If you work a normal … Continue reading

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The Power of Words in Network Marketing

Tweet Below is a short video I wanted to share with you. It briefly illustrates how the power of using effective words can stimulate increased interest and get your message across more succinctly. In this case, 4 words were added … Continue reading

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