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“I Can’t Afford It” Can Mean Many Things

Tweet Whenever you have an opening on your team and have put out an ad, you will get three types of people who will respond. People who know nothing about MLM People who know what MLM is and have had … Continue reading

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Recruiting Your Team

Tweet Making the right decision about who to recruit can be tough. With the high unemployment rate many people are turning to employment they would never have considered before.  You must remember that network marketing is a job only suited … Continue reading

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The Renaissance of Offline Marketing

Tweet One of the latest little niche markets online is actually offline marketing! Strange but true, and if you follow a few rules it can be very rewarding, especially if you are a people person. It is one of the simplest … Continue reading

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How’s Your SEO Joe

Tweet Most of us have a website with one aim in mind: to make a few bucks! When you have found your chosen niche, provided excellent content, and designed the site in a pleasing and navigable way, you’ve done the … Continue reading

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What it takes to Be a Home-Based Business Entrepreneur

Tweet Most people think that being a stay at home entrepreneur is a dream job! Think again.  You have to be very disciplined, a self-starter and be able to understand your own strengths and weaknesses. You are your own manager … Continue reading

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Tips to Avoid Misperceptions in Your Writing

Tweet Always be very aware of the people you are writing for – and that would be everybody in the world! Unlike a popular novelist who has a certain edgy style, you are aiming at the simplest way to get … Continue reading

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